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Here’s why ‘Drag Race’ fans are furious with Spotify this week

Spoilers ahead for the finale of “Drag Race UK vs The World”.

Drag Race UK vs The World came to a glittery finish on Tuesday, as Blu Hydrangea lip-sync battled her way through Jujubee and Mo Heart to be crowned the first-ever “queen of the mothertuckin’ world.”

A much-discussed element of the latest Drag Race spinoff has been the grand prize. Instead of $100,000, the winning queen only receives the aforementioned title and the opportunity to record a duet with host RuPaul.

So fans were a bit surprised when that duet — “Champion (Ru X Blu)” — debuted on Spotify hours before the finale aired.

Some Reddit sleuths believe the song was accidentally released at midnight local time in New Zealand, but regardless of how it happened, the damage was done:

Not long after the song effectively leaked the winner, Spotify suffered a major outage.

That led to some pretty hilarious comments:

Here’s the duet with Ru and Blu: