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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Big Brother’s First Transgender Contestant

Audrey-Middleton-Transgender-Big-Brother-ContestantThe contestants of CBS’s 17th season of Big Brother were announced this week, and rounding out the cast — which includes a professional wrestler, a personal trainer, and a poker dealer — is Audrey Middleton, an attractive 25-year-old digital media consultant who used to be a boy named Adam. (Curiously, CBS chose not to take advantage of America’s so-called “transgender moment” and left this fact out of the official announcement.)

Middleton admits to a nerdy obsession with astrology, hiking and dressing up: “Fabulous hair, lashes, makeup, I’m the Beyoncé of my life story. As I should be, right?” She also hates spiders and compares herself favorably to Dexter Morgan. So there you go.

CBS promised Julie Chen will be returning as host, and claims the new season comes with a shocking twist that will “shake up the house all summer long.” Could the twist be that nobody’s watching Big Brother anymore?

h/t: Gossip Cop