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Here’s how gogo boys are staying busy around the world

Thank goodness for Cazwell, or at least his sense of humor.

The gay parody rapper and sometime dancer just dropped his latest track, his first in almost a year. “He Used to GoGo” and the accompanying video were created for Grindr’s YouTube channel to lament the loss of queer nightclubs where gogo boys once flourished by showing off the goods and dancing for tips. Needless to say, their profession has been hard hit during the COVID-19 days.

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The new video features a litany of gogo boys dancing around the world in major cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London, Madrid, Paris and Tel Aviv. To our eyes, it looks like they’ve all stayed in shape during the international lockdown, which is a relief.

“He used to gogo,” Cazwell raps. “Now he’s just a hoe.”

Is that a bad thing? Judge for yourself…

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