Here’s what Gus Kenworthy would do if he ever met Donald Trump

In case you’d been wondering: If Gus Kenworthy is ever invited to the White House while Trump is in office, he won’t be attending.

The openly gay freestyle skier is expected to head to South Korea in 2018 for the Winter Olympics, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be popping ’round the White House afterwards.

Team USA athletes are traditionally invited to the White House and congratulated by the president after the Olympics are over.

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“I have no interest in faking support,” he tells Time. “I don’t want to go shake his hand.”

The reason? He wants to push back after Trump attempted to ban transgender people from military service.

“That is just a direct attack on the LGBT community,” he says. “It shows more courage to leave the house as a trans person than Trump has ever had to show.”

This will be the first Winter Olympics Kenworthy will participate in as an openly gay man.

He came out in an interview with ESPN in October 2015.

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