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Here’s what happens when an Asian man and white man switch Grindr profiles for 24 hours

What the Flip?, a new five-part web series presented by Grindr, explores what happens when two different demographics swap profiles for a day. The first installment in the series features an Asian man and white man gamely giving one other’s profile a whirl.

“We are investigating the question: when does a preference turn into discrimination?” says host Billy Francesca.

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As Francesca asks random bystanders that question, the Asian man and white man confront the issue head on. The white man isn’t familiar with the term “rice queen” (slang for someone with a preference for Asians), whereas the Asian man knows the lingo all too well: “When I hear the term ‘rice queen,’ I immediately roll my eyes.”

Other issues examined: “pre-selecting” users that are “into Asians,” how often each winds up getting contacted, and how differently each are treated by horny guys in messages.


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  • Kieran

    A “rice queen”? Wow, a two-fer. Racist and homophobic at the same time.

    • ChrisK

      Is that a real sample of Weho or is he just looking for the queeniest of the queens to interview? Damn.

  • ChrisK

    I agree that Asians are probably the most discriminated the most. There is that stereotype after all. However, big deal. Everyone will face it sooner or later in life. That is unless you’ve got lots of $ and can buy yourself attention.

    • Roan

      You either support racism and discrimination or you don’t. Which side are you on?

  • lauraspencer

    Curious to see the actual profiles and photos. Hard to believe that the blonde botoxed guy would be popular at all. Both guys are average, but the Asian guy at least seems real. How is the botox guy presenting himself?

  • Roan

    And along come the QUEERTY racism cheerleaders to insist it’s not racism, it’s just a preference.

    • ChrisK

      Well, Mr Roan. Don’t discriminate against anyone and show us how it’s done. Be an example to all of us:*)

  • abachooklas

    Lord, this is a disaster.

  • surreal33

    Anyone on Grindr deserves precisely what you get!!!

  • radiooutmike

    If they filmed a switch with my Grindr profile, there would 24 hours of crickets chirping in the dark.

    • Smith David


  • Smith David

    God, I hate myself just a little for clicking on this and commenting as well:(

  • Danny595

    “It’s not fair! I’m not being treated with respect as I sort through a digital menu of torsos to find strangers for loveless sex!”

  • baggins435

    Seriously, when did it become “discrimination” or racism to not be attracted to every race/ethnicity on the planet? No one has to right to question who anyone else is, or is not, attracted to. I am not a business that serves everyone, I can associate with whomever I want. Is it also “wrong” to not be attracted to bears, or twinks, or muscle guys? Maybe if we were all born blind looks would have no bearing on who we find attractive, but we aren’t all blind. We are visual. I personally find a wide range of guys attractive for different reasons. from hairy, to hairless, tall and short, blond or black hair. But I am by no means attracted to every guy out there. Our community has a well earned reputation for being youth oriented, so lay off the guys who only like Latinos and Black guys, or Asians, but not caucasians, or “gasp”, only white guys. I’ve been out for over 30 years and I have yet to meet ANYONE who dates without regard to race/ethnicity. That includes Black guys who only date white guys and white guys who only date Black guys. EVERYONE has preferences and that doesn’t mean they are racist. I’ve had a full on hairy chest since I was 16, and I was 5’10” and 130# through high school and college. Not once have I been offended by someone who rejected me because I was hairy, or white, or a bean pole, and there have been a lot of them. I’ve been turned down by guys my age because I was too young, and I’ve turned down guys older than my dad because they were too old. I’ve been with Black and Hispanic guys and I’ve rejected Black and Hispanic guys. If you think you are “God’s gift” to everyone and get bent out of shape when someone has the audacity to turn you down, then YOU are the one with the problem.

    • rand503

      totally agree.

    • dre_brown

      You know what? I don’t even care enough to tell you how many ways you’ve got this ALL wrong.

      Peace and Light.

    • abachooklas

      Yes, I find it interesting how many people will go to great lengths to fight against “rape culture” but the minute that they hear about preferences or that someone is not attracted to them, then suddenly rape culture is a justifiable measure to fight this “intolerance” just as a different name. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYBODY ELSE’S BODY AND THAT’S A FACT. Dre_brown clearly doesn’t want to explain any because you are correct.

  • captainburrito

    It’s also tough for straight asian men living in the west. Asian females date and marry whites at high rates so that reduces their dating pool more. White females marrying asian males does happen but much lower rates.

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