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Here’s what happens when an Asian man and white man switch Grindr profiles for 24 hours

What the Flip?, a new five-part web series presented by Grindr, explores what happens when two different demographics swap profiles for a day. The first installment in the series features an Asian man and white man gamely giving one other’s profile a whirl.

“We are investigating the question: when does a preference turn into discrimination?” says host Billy Francesca.

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As Francesca asks random bystanders that question, the Asian man and white man confront the issue head on. The white man isn’t familiar with the term “rice queen” (slang for someone with a preference for Asians), whereas the Asian man knows the lingo all too well: “When I hear the term ‘rice queen,’ I immediately roll my eyes.”

Other issues examined: “pre-selecting” users that are “into Asians,” how often each winds up getting contacted, and how differently each are treated by horny guys in messages.