Here’s Hoping Facebook Didn’t Let Your Homophobic Father Spy On Your Chats

Still trying to hide your sexuality on Facebook? Or some other secret, like your “girlfriend Ryan” is actually your “boyfriend Ryan”? Or that you have six toes? If you told any of this to a friend over Facebook Chat, there’s a very real possibility that any one of your friends could have seen it. That’s because of a just-discovered exploit, shown in this video, that lets anyone playing with their privacy settings to view their friends’ chats in real time. Oof.

Facebook has disabled chat until it can fix things.

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    If ya think there is even the tinest bit of any sort of privacy in this new cybertech world you are sadly mistaken. If you know where to go you can find virtually anything about anyone. There are sites where you can sign on to ghost anyones cellphone. You can twin their phone, to listen as they recive calls, see who they call and listen in, view all their photos and texts, even enable the speakerphone function without their knowledge……..If you are ascared of anyone knowing what you speaking or typing you need to do it in person face to face in a closed room…………

  • blake

    ummm ya…. this doesnt work….. FAIL!!!

  • Sam

    I miss the good old days of the internet, when you were pretty much expected to go by a screen name and stay anonymous, and you had to know HTML to set up a website where you could blab all your secrets. Nowadays, everyone posts their full name everywhere with all their information.

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