Here’s How A Christian Family Vlogger Explains His Extramarital X-Rated Selfies

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A popular Christian family vlogger has released a video with his wife to explain the X-rated selfies he’s been sending to a woman he met online.

Austin Null and his wife Britt (along with the nonconsensual help of their two young children) make rambling videos about their “adventures” in daily life. You know, things like grocery shopping and going to church. Seriously, who watches this stuff?

Well, a lot of people watch it. They have over 350k subscribers on YouTube.

But their latest video, posted December 30th and titled “WE NEED TO TALK,” takes a decidedly more somber tone.

In it, Austin explains that he’s been having an online affair for the past five months, an admission no doubt tied to the very NSFW nude selfies he’s been sending her that have surfaced online.

This is a guy who has previously said in an interview:

“We’ve learned that if you don’t want to deal with people giving their opinion on something then don’t put it on the internet. Lol.”

Apparently he’s still learning.

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Here’s how he begins the uncomfortable admission:

“It was actually nearly a year ago, someone reached out to me-sent me some pictures and stuff–a girl-and I, instead of blocking her and moving on-decided to flirt with the idea of responding and basically had an online affair for like 5 months…This went on in the beginning of May and I told Brittney, I felt terrible-I knew what I was doing was wrong. I wasn’t even looking for this-something just fell into my lap (no pun intended) and instead of ignoring it-I fell into it and it just spiraled out of control. I felt terrible, I said I have an amazing family, I have an amazing wife and I ended it with this girl-and ever since then we’ve been in counseling…”

Now, Austin doesn’t strike us as a bad guy, per se. He seems more the ‘God loves all his children’ type as opposed to throwing stones at “sinners.”

But it’s a fair bet that anyone who is constantly on about moral guidelines and dogmatic belief is quietly breaking the rules behind the scenes.

We’ve seen it time. And time. And time again.

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Then there’s this public criticism he posted about fellow Christian family vlogger Sam Rader in the wake of last year’s highly-publicized Ashley Madison hacks.

Rader’s membership to the cheating website was exposed, prompting Null to Tweet to him:

“Please stop vlogging & focus on your family. They say “any publicity is good publicity” but I’d disagree. God bless.”

Null Tweeted that message during the same time period he was sneaking off to send photos of himself masturbating into a toilet. Not exactly consistent.

In an earlier video titled “WHY WE BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST!!!”, Null opines:

“If you guys, you know, if you ever feel, like, empty, or you feel like you’re not worth something, or if you feel like ‘oh, I’m not a good person,’ or ‘I’ve done bad things,’ like, we’ve done that too — we feel that way. But it’s because Jesus died; it’s because he died for you and me. You know, we’re not perfect people. And then he rose again and it was a big deal.”

A big deal, indeed.

To see his selfies, head here (WARNING: LINK NSFW).