Here’s How Americans Are Celebrating The (Near) End Of The Boy Scouts Ban

The Boy Scouts of America has officially lifted its ban on gay scout leaders. And it only took a quarter century of protest for the organization to get a clue.

The ban relied heavily upon the lie that gay men are perverts and pedophiles died by a thousand cuts, from court challenges to lobbying to protests.

In 2013, the organization finally welcomed openly gay scouts into their fold. Cause you know the gay kids are innocent but adults still suspect, especially around those kids.

Now, two years later, it is also allowing openly gay adults acting as troop leaders.

There’s just one little catch: Chapters sponsored by churches — 70 percent of all troops — will be allowed to embrace discriminatory hiring practices under Americas’s newly reclaimed favorite buzzword: religious freedom.

Two steps foreword, one step back. And the Instagram masses seem to agree.

Scroll down to see how Instagram has been responding to the Boy Scouts’ antigay ban being lifted…

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