Here’s How Much Money Your Balls Are Worth In Each State. Really.

tumblr_m4u7ktikTp1qa6owgo1_1280-360x221Tucked (or untucked) into an in-depth report on workman’s comp published on ProPublica was an interesting tidbit about your tidbits.

Specifically, how much they are worth if you lose one on the job. Credited to a lack of federal oversight, that number can vary widely state by state, which seems odd.

If you work for the federal government, you’re in luck. Well, as much luck as someone can be who just had the misfortune of having a nut severed or smashed. They pay out $98,108.

Everyone else is subject to the rules in their state, though. At the high end is Illinois, which pays $73,537. At the bottom is Minnesota — just $3,750 per ball!

ProPublica does an excellent job outlining the near-criminal state of some workman’s comp laws, which you can read here. We just wanted to share the nuts and bolts: