Here’s How To Meet The Hot Daddy Of Your Dreams

daddyAt long last, the thing been we’ve been waiting for has finally–finally!–arrived.

Daddyhunt is a brand new app geared specifically towards daddies and their admirers.

In a press release, CEO Carl Sandler says he views Daddyhunt “as part of larger trend in gay culture celebrating age, experience and knowledge.”

Emphases on the word experience. The app’s tag lines is “Experience Matters”, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s part of why we admire older guys so much: They know how to treat a man.

“When gay dating apps began replacing bars as the main point of interaction, our community lost some important things–social interaction, casual conversation, the ability to flirt over common interests,” Sandler, who recently turned forty, notes. “I realized that many people yearn for something more than a string of ‘hey’ pings from thumbnail torsos. The Daddyhunt app is a way to bring a sense of shared experience back to gay culture.”

Like other dating apps, Daddyhunt offers geolocation, profiles, and chat, but also features “a photo feed with full social media capabilities, allowing members to share their latest photos with a larger Daddyhunt community, gain followers, like photos, and to interact in ways go beyond the headless selfie.”

In other words: It’s a whole world of online daddies. What could be better?

“Men like Tom Ford, Dustin Lance Black, Jared Leto and Murray Bartlett (Dom on HBO’s Looking), have helped the gay community rethink what it means to get older,” Sandler says. “I wanted to create an app that would not only connect gay men, but challenge outdated notions about age in gay relationships.”

Hey, we’ve been fawning over older guys and celebrating intergenerational relationships for some time now. We’re glad more people are jumping onto the bandwagon.

Check out the trailer for Daddyhunt below.


H/t: HuffPo

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