Here’s How To Talk To Your Kids About Gay Country Musicians

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.01.41 AMYesterday unofficially became country music’s coming out day when we heard from not one but two twangtastic artists about their same-sex secret lives. And while in full disclosure we hadn’t ever heard of either Billy Gilman or Ty Herdon before, the news was still good.

Kudos to YouTube channel Heck Bender for putting out an intelligent response so quickly.

In their latest clip, a father talks to his son about the gay singers.

Dad: “Some people think that Southern tradition, freedom and country music is being threatened by people coming out as being gay or criticizing the president — unless of course it’s Obama.”

Son: “But isn’t country music a representation of Southern rebellion? And isn’t coming out as a gay country artist one of the biggest acts of rebellion you can do in that field? And isn’t it a great act of Southern rebellion by criticizing your representation and hasn’t the South always been about individual freedom? And isn’t a great act of individual freedom loving whoever you want to love?

Boom. Watch here: