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Here’s how to up your fitness game

Beth Bishop 1There are plenty of great benefits to the group fitness craze that’s sweeping the country right now. For one, it’s actually getting people into the gym – which is great. The group format also creates community and camaraderie, which people must like or they wouldn’t keep coming back, right?

As co-owner of one of Los Angeles’s fastest-growing new fitness programs, The Phoenix Effect, I’m thrilled to see group fitness grow and spread! But there is a potential downside to all this sweat and fitness. As people get comfortable in their routines and settle into a single class type or format, the same repetitive exercises and motions can become physically detrimental, not to mention boring.  So it’s important to maintain balance, variety and a full range of functionality in your weekly workouts.

That’s why The Phoenix Effect recently added several new class formats designed to improve strength, form, agility, mobility and functionality. These new classes, called LIFT, FUNK, FIX and FLOW, join our already popular BURN and FIRE classes to round out a fitness program focused on strengthening and conditioning athletes in the most safe and effective ways.

Each class type addresses a specific functional need:

LIFT builds strength by combining heavy, old-school strength training with simple, effective movements with barbells, dumbbells, and other weights. Each class features four quadrants: two push/pulls, one compound barbell work and an effective core work.

FUNK is a hot, new Friday night hip hop dance class that emphasizes movement, coordination and athleticism in a fun format open to all levels. 

FIX is a mobility class designed to balance many of the stresses and pressures put on the body through daily life and other workout formats. This class focuses on increasing shoulder and hip mobility through techniques such as foam rolling, trigger-point release, flossing, smashing and banded distraction and activation.

FLOW is yoga designed with athletes in mind. The class features stretching and release of major muscle groups, as well as solid core activation.

GROUPSHOT2These four new class formats complement The Phoenix Effect’s two signature classes: BURN and FIRE. BURN classes are designed to emphasize strength and form, as well as to increase metabolic capacity, while FIRE classes emphasize agility, coordination, and speed. The result is a full-service workout program designed to take our athletes to new levels of fitness.

Bottom line, just remember that you can have to much of a good thing. If you’re stuck in rut and are going to the same yoga, crossfit or bootcamp class over and over again, maybe it’s time to mix things up. First see if your gym or studio offers other classes that compliment the workout program that you’re currently doing. If they don’t, consult with a personal trainer or other fitness profession who can give you a sound recommendation for some other workouts or class types that would complement what you’re currently doing.  Not only will a balanced fitness program improve your well-being and produce better results, but you’ll probably enjoy the variety more too!

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