Here’s How Video Game Companies Can Fight Homophobia, One Sexy Elf At A Time

gay-game-22We love it when video games incorporate LGBT elements into their games, and why wouldn’t we? There are tons of gay gamers who deserve a little representation in the games they play, and even more straight ones who might benefit from some subtle exposure to gay people (even if they are of the digital variety) as they go about killing dragons or aliens or whatever it is they do.

But do the big gaming producers have a responsibility to include gay content? That’s the question posed in the latest PBS Digital Studios Gaming Show, and the answer is a resounding “yes” according to host Jamin Warren.

Here are a few of his more compelling points:

  • “Having a fully realized gay character is only fair. Think about all the gay players who are forced to play straight roles in every single game.
  • “Representation in media for a wide range of sexuality and gender issues is valuable, because it gives the LGBT community characters that they can relate to.”
  • “Even if you’re not gay, the inclusion of gay characters just makes games better. One of the biggest strengths of video games as a medium is that they allow you to try on distinct roles that are different from you in real life.”
  • “Experiencing empathy involves simulating the experiences of others in our neural circuits.”

Watch the episode here:

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