Here’s Lady Gaga’s New Single ‘Born This Way,’ To Be Available At … Target?

You’re either going to crap yourself and say the future has arrived, or roll your eyes and say something about ripping off Madonna. There is no in between. If you want the track for yourself, remember that Lady Gaga has instructed all of her little monsters to buy the record at Target and, the store and homepage of America’s most-loved gay-friendly company.

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  • YAWN

    Complete rip-off of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”.

    Her Ace Of Base “Don’t Turn Around” rip-off was a bit better.

  • christopher di spirito

    Stephanie has a very good voice. Why did she take hits off helium before singing the lyrics?

  • Kev C

    EXPRESS YOUR .. um, what? .. this .. way

  • Chris

    I love it! Even though the music does kind of sound like ‘Express Yourself’. Despite that, I think the song is great!

  • Daveny

    I wasn’t a fan at all and I liked BR and Telephone. I figured that her new album would determine whether I was going to be a fan or not, after hearing this song……I’m not. Sorry gaga this song is just plain boring. I think we heard this back in the 90’s.

  • Seth

    If God is a DJ, then love is the dance floor!…. Oops wrong song! lol

  • DR

    Co-sign on “Express Yourself”. I knew this reminded me of some song or another from when I was a kid.

    Also gotta co-sign with #2. She has a great blues/jazz voice, but she turns this into an overly-synthesized dance song whose lyrics I can barely understand. What lyrics I do understand, mainly the repetitive chorus, don’t speak to me personally (“don’t be a drag, be a queen”? REALLY?). And by the way, I’m not “her gay”. I’m not a pet, please don’t presume that you speak for me, that’s obnoxious.

    Is it catchy and possessive of some redemptive qualities? Yeah, it’s not the worst song ever written. But to suggest that it’s this massive gay anthem for the ages was seriously presumptuous. It’s not. But it’ll probably sell millions and hold her fans through until the album comes out.

  • Dan G

    All I hear is “When love takes over” that Kelly Rowland song. Anyone else?

  • SKOC211

    “You’re either going to crap yourself and say the future has arrived, or roll your eyes and say something about ripping off Madonna.”

    Hahahaha yes! I adore the song. It’s like Gaga is turning around to all her critics and saying, “Of course I’ve heard of Madonna, you assholes. So let’s do a fabulous disco homage and bring in a great message too.” Loving the controversy, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    It’s amazing!! the song is incredible and speaks for my generation! she is a GODDESS! Her vocals are amazing and the beat is fantastic!!! Madonna who? Gaga is the goddess of the universe!! OMG the song is fantastic! she is the greatest and all you bitches can suck her huge donkey dick!

  • Jake the libertarian

    I like it. I’ll admit it’s not my favorite of her songs, but title tracks rarely are. I’ll be purchasing the album because she is a very good singer and I think it’s important to support the people who support you.

    @DR: I definitely agree that she doesn’t speak for the gay community, but neither to do, and neither do you. She is a supporter of the gay community and I appreciate that.

    Last but not least, if you talk shit about GaGa then they take away your fag card and you don’t get to vote on next year’s gay agenda!

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Anyways, is the song available for purchase already or not? I need it! I can’t deal with LQ streams I need it in lossless HQ WAV and I’ll be dancing all day long to this song!!

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I’ll throw pussy juice on any fag talking shit about Gaga!

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I’ll throw pvssy juice on any fggot talking shit about Gaga!

  • Brandon

    Anyone over 24-25 will know that she wasn’t “Born this way” she listened to a Madonna song mashed it up with “When love takes over” and she “made it this way”

  • Qjersey

    Love or hate it, you are gonna hear all day at every gay pride parade in the coming year, so just get over yourself and deal with it.

  • geez

    @Qjersey: Gaga fangirls are so stupid.

  • Ryan

    The problem is she keeps doing interviews where she simply cannot shut up about representing gays,(she actually said that) so every thing she does becomes a problem for us. Bad Romance was a great song but the part where she goes ‘walk walk fashion baby, bitch crazy’ and all that doesn’t help the perception the gays guys all bitchy and into fashion. Or the Aliandro video where all the guys are in high heels and fish nets. And now these lyrics ‘don’t be a drag just be a queen’. That’s not helpful at all. But she doesn’t get that because she’s not a gay guy.

    There’s so much cultural baggage gay guys have to deal with all the TV shows treating gay guys as women trapped in men’s bodies or as side-kicks or domestic servants to girls. Basically every thing on the life network. This is because they’re aren’t enough gay guys to generate the kind of ratings girls can so gays are only used in ways that are interesting or flattering to straight women. So the straight TV programmers love Gaga as Queen Bee to gays ’cause it enforces all that. She really is the new Madonna after all!

  • duh!

    “But she doesn’t get that because she’s not a gay guy.”

    Lady Gaga doesn’t give a shit about gays, she cares only about publicity.

  • Qjersey

    Ugh, I am hating on the ‘meme’ of the reactions to the song. Some of the same comments are appearing on many sites and it seems that one idiot makes the “Express Yourself” comparison and the lemmings just picked it up and ran with it.

  • Derek

    This song seems really disapointingly boring and generic.
    It better not be what they’re intending the single to be. It seems like BAD filler music!!

  • Oliver

    I love many of the commenters here. They have found a way to complain about everything.

    “XY does not sing about gay stuff! XY doesn’t support us!”

    “XY sings about gay stuff! XY is using us to get successful!”

    See a pattern?

  • gaga sucks

    @Oliver: Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • daveny

    @Qjersey: So the Gaga lemming (that’s YOU) is calling others lemmings? hmmmmm interesting.

  • Devon


    Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to avoid such events.

    Also, “you’re Orient.” Really. Must we?

  • swarm

    Bleh. THIS took a year? Sonically, can’t hold a candle to Bad Romance. Lyrically just safe enough to get it on radio. #opportunisticfauxanthem


    Im not a gaga fan, but though id give this song a listen since its been so hyped and yeah im still not a gaga fan.

    Its a total express yourself rip off in a bad way, paying homages can be great if it is done better than the original.

  • addisondlls

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s a catchy pop tune with a great hook. It does what it should, entertain. Pop music was never meant to be overtly political, granted it has it’s moments from time to time. This song has a great message and makes you wanna get up and dance, what’s so bad about that?

  • give us a break!

    @addisondlls: “Born This Way” is boring song with weak lyrics. Fail.

  • 7

    No thank you. There was enough of this in 1996.

  • Dan G

    Such a big supporter of the gays that she is doing a big promo with Target. Fake as bitch!

  • George

    Why does everyone talk like music controls your life? Like it? Listen to it. Don’t? Don’t. I get that it’ll be hard to avoid, but in the end, it’s just a song. Your life will be the same I promise :)

  • Zeus

    The fact of the matter is, aside from her crazy gay fans, who the F cares about Madonna anymore? Yeah, she’s not really all that relevant now. I’m not some crazy Gaga fan, but ugh enough with the Madonna comments. It’s a decent song (nothing amazing) and hopefully the album will be better than this one song since the main purpose of this song is to get a message across, I guess.

  • scott ny'er

    @Zeus: She has over $300 mil album sales and her last concert was one of the top selling concerts ever. So, while in the US her sales (like most acts after 10+ yrs) are crap, worldwide she’s big business.

  • scott ny'er

    Ok. I listened to it and there is something similar to Express Yourself, AND other songs of Madonna. Even in the beginning and ending she sounds like Madonna. Weird. Of course, her video for Alejandro ripped off Madonna, too.

    Bad Romance, that seemed pretty original to me. I’ve gotta admit, that video and song was what made me a fan of GaGa. And the Teeth video. That video is hot, but supposedly GaGa had nothing to do with it.

  • lol

    “Of course, her video for Alejandro ripped off Madonna, too.”

    And “Alejandro” song is ripped-off Ace Of Base.

  • lolwut

    You guys do realize that it’s was Gaga’s label, Interscope Records, that made this decision to sell the album at Target, right? I’m pretty sure she said no say-so as to where the deluxe album will be sold.

  • Michael

    People seem to misuse “ripped off” whenever they get the chance. Ripped off implies copying something and pretending it has zero connection to the original source. In every single interview she has done, she has spoken about Madonna.

    It’s as if people’s references are so limited that they assume people are trying to get away with copying when they’ve been quite open about influence. Also, her music sounds like a lot of peoples, many you haven’t even heard of, but because you don’t know them she’s not “ripping them off”.

    This argument is getting tired. A game of “if I can figure out who Gaga is ‘ripping off’ then I am righteous and superior”.

  • Zoe

    @Qjersey: ….either that or it really is a completely derivative song.

  • GoNorth

    Dreadful song. Just dull. The type of song you’ll get sick of after hearing it three times.

  • Kev C

    “Also, her music sounds like a lot of peoples, many you haven’t even heard of, but because you don’t know them she’s not “ripping them off”.”

    Sure, she’s just taking someone else’s music and calling it her own. It’s not like she’s ripping off anyone.

    Madonna should re-release some her old songs and call it Lady Gaga’s new album.

  • Michael

    @Kev C: And which music is she taking exactly? Saying it “sounds like” Express Yourself doesn’t mean anything if your references are essentially nonexistent. My point was, this song sounds like a lot of other songs, but because it resembles a Madonna song that is what people cling to. When in reality, there are other songs it more closely resembles.

    It’s like people who say “all dance music sounds the same. Techno *basically* sounds like house”. No, they are different, but because they don’t know anything about it they cannot tell the difference. Compared to other songs, Born This Way really doesn’t sound that much like Express Yourself other than it being a fucking pop song.

  • Michael

    @swarm: You do know that GaGa wrote Fever right?

    This is what I mean. Knowledge and references.

  • swarm

    @michael You don’t even know what YOU [or anybody else] mean. The point is she’s cannibalizing her own song with her old Fever demo. eyeroll. Yes, get some knowledge and reference, hon. Agreed.

  • Michael

    @swarm: I think you missed the point of the video you posted. It’s not that she’s “stealing” all of those sounds…it’s that pop music is made up of the same elements therefore you can say anything sounds like anything.

    I’m pretty sure what I’m saying is pretty clear, Born This Way wasn’t created by taking Madonna’s Express Yourself and then singing her own lyrics over it. But if you can’t understand my message, I guess you can keep rolling your eyes. Because hating what’s popular is cool, I get it.

  • Chugalug25

    Maybe serial killers who believe they were “born that way” should use this as their next anthem. Then again, serial killers usually have high I.Q.s.

  • scott ny'er

    @swarm: LOL. That’s awesome. Yep. The chorus reminds me of Express Yourself and the rapping part Vogue. Good Youtube find.

  • scott ny'er

    @Michael: True to some extent but a great writer is able to craft the song so you don’t realize that it sounds derivative. That’s where Teddy Riley gets into trouble with several of his songs (see Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, One Republic, Leona Lewis). I’m not even sure Gaga, Teddy Riley and co. realize they do this. It’s subconscious, I bet.

    But sadly, this song sounds similar to Express Yourself in the CHORUS, the part that is most catchy, and it’s just not as good. IMHO.

  • redball

    @scott ny’er: I bet GoCheeksGo has some music theory background. Anyone with a solid background in the subject can figure out what songs are “derivative” of other songs, even if they are “crafty” derivatives. Hint: it’s all about chord progressions.

    What I think is awesome, is that he pulled that video together in ONE DAY after Gaga’s single dropped. Impressive! Reminds of Shane Mercado learning the “Single Ladies” dance in like a day.

    Gaga critical analysis, anyone? :)

  • chris

    I’m gay and Gaga’s “Born This Way” is too gay even for me. Gaga-not all gay guys are transexual with tons of make-up. yawn. i like some of gaga’s stuff, but britney’s new stuff sounds way catchier.

  • Nathan

    @chris: Some are transphobic though, like you.

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