Here’s Mike Manning’s “End Hate” Campaign. It Needs Work

So this is the “End Hate” campaign that Real World DC‘s Mike Manning came up with to compete with complement Adam Bouska’s “NOH8 Campaign.” In this photo is Mike’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Tanner Ray (and the lass is Megan McDonald), and they snapped the photo at the University of Northern Colorado. Some 40 people dropped in on the event, and Manning says other schools have expressed interest in taking part. So that’s nice. But there’s a reason Bouska’s effort is so iconic, and Manning’s will not be.

Manning’s gimmick is that you can append anything to the “End Hate For …” phrase, personalizing your message against intolerance. It’s flexible, mobile, and catchy. His signs and branding, however, are not.

And that’s a stark difference between Manning’s effort and Bouska’s NOH8, which uses the same face painted logo-and-duct tape (and white t-shirt) image on every subject, whether it’s Cindy McCain or, well, Mike Manning.

Then again, Manning says he isn’t copyrighting his project, which means anyone is free to backpack on and expand it. Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley have retained sole rights over the “NOH8” name, which is certainly his prerogative to do, given that he created it — and is profiting from it, charging $40 per photo in what is not, as many who have participated believe, an officially registered charitable project, although fees are called “donations.”

“Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign,” the project’s website says. Whatever that means.

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  • Chris

    Mike and his boyfriend both need serious fashion relief. Tanner looks like he weighs 235 lbs…he’s cute though.

  • Hilarious

    Well I’m not going to hate on him for doing something.

  • Jason

    It’s cute, simple and gets the message across.

    Unlike Queerty.

    Which is why I love Queerty.

  • AndrewW

    He gets more attention than GetEqual, thankfully.

    Maybe his campaign will take off, who knows? But, he’s not pissing on our friends or yelling in the streets, he is trying to get people to understand. That’s harder to do than protesting, but it’s much more effective.

  • Kieran

    Read what it says on the signs they’re holding up, then choose what to say if you leave a comment.

  • Mike

    I appreciate that he’s out there trying. Thanks, Mike!

  • jeffree

    Bouska’s project creates easily recognizable images: Tape & logo. Call that project inspired, tired, overplayed, whatever, but it has left a mark.

    Mike’s project involves not so much in the way of images: it’s people holding signs. Not quite as catchy. Bouska has a “brand” identity, Manning has a bland one. Still, good on him for trying. He’s still finding his way in the world. [wtf, aren’t we all?!?]

  • Seth

    There are wrinkles in the PVC tablecloth they’re using as a backdrop…

    # you’renotevenarealgaysostopstealingourpublicityyouwrore!

  • edgyguy1426

    Yeah the signs are kind of cheesey but 3 positives (GetEqual, NoH8, Mike’s campaign)never equal a negative (unless AndrewW is doin the math)

  • JMO

    The whole thing looks convoluted, tacky and seems like a ploy for a few more minutes of media attention.

  • AndrewW

    @edgyguy1426: Mike is not “complaining” he is trying to educate. They are very different.

  • fredo777

    @JMO: When are people going to get off this kick of always accusing someone of trying to grab more fame or media attention? Doesn’t it kind of go without saying that if a person has applied for + gotten cast on a reality tv show like Real World that he or she might be doing so as a foot-in-the-door to other opportunities? We shouldn’t be so shocked when that happens. It’s like some people are walking around holding a magic sand timer showing any given person’s allowed amount of time left in the spotlight before we can fairly call him a media whore.

    That said, his campaign’s branding/imagery does need polishing.

  • john

    I guess Tanner’s parents let him keep his truck ? they repo-ed it the last time he was found to be rolling in the hay with Mike ? A guy has to have his truck – the heck with hay !!

  • defec8 luvr

    like i said b4 “PULL IT OUT” mike – that’s all we really want to see.

  • New Jersey Guy

    go wait tables annd get a real job. you 15 minutes are up.


    @defec8 luvr: Pull it out to end hate? haha- I love it! Maybe the kid thinks he is doing something for a good cause, while milking the D-List fame cow for a few more seconds. He could date Lance Bass next and they could do a VH1 or Logo reality show.

  • Zach

    At least he’s trying something. How many of you can say the same? It needs a lot of work but he’s trying. And all people can say in exchange is that he’s a fame whore, his boyfriend looks fat etc. Even if it his for his 15 mins of fame, at least’s he using it well. Way to encourage more people to do stuff for gay rights. Will they be called fame whores as well?

  • paulie0325

    END HATE so some of the moronic comments above will end. Queerty has a problem with Mike Manning, probably because he says he’s bi and not screaming down the street while adorned in a rainbow flag that he hates vaginas. As I said before, what have you guys done to try and end discrimination against the gay community? His END HATE campaign could spread to other universities and catch on.
    Like any first attempt at anything, it will get better. Like it or not, he has become a recognized voice for this cause, which will far outlast 15 min. Your job is much easier than his. He has to go out and organize. All you have to do is sit there and criticize.

  • Karina

    For anyone who knows Mike Manning, he is trying his hardest to promote awareness for something that means the world to him. The End Hate campaign may not have the “sophistication” that the NOH8 campaign does but Mike is promoting anyone and everyone to send in photos and participate in a small campaign because he knows that if you empower even a samll group of people big things can happen. There is something great to say about a guy willing to put himself on the line for a whole community of people who are constantly fighting for their rights. So you can criticize or you can get off your ass and try to do something you deem better. But talking about it isn’t doing it and Mike is out there doing it. So kudos to him.

  • Grant

    He’s putting himself on the line in hopes of becoming a star. If his intentions were to truly help people other than himself, I think he’d be much more successful. Only about 25% of the population is gay or bisexual. So most people don’t care. A lot of the gay community doesn’t care about gay marriage eitehr. If he was smart he would have used his charm to work toward helping all of us. Sucks for him that he’ll forever be known as the Real World Gay Rights Guy. Which doesn’t market well anywhere and makes him impossible to take serious as an actor. Looks like politics it is Mike. Disappointment.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)


    Milking his 15 minutes for a political cause is a good thing. Maybe it’s not as sophisticated or instantly recognizable as the No H8 campaign (which he did), but it’s better than doing nothing at all, and will hopefully evolve.

    I’d rather see a young person try a grassroots campaign and fail than use his 15 minutes and turn it into a career as a celebrity whore like the Jersey Shore kids.

  • Karina

    Only 25% of the population may be gay outright, but how many people are afraid to come out because of the issues gay and bisexual and transgendered people experience every day? I agree that I’d rather see him use his small celebrity to attempt to bring awareness out to people than to act like he is famous. I’m proud to know someone like him.

  • Grant

    Well I’d be embarrassed. Use a printer. He’s fired from representing equal rights.

  • defec8 luvr

    @Karina: i’ve gotten off my ass to do plenty so eat a d*ck, mike’s d*ck! and to every1 else telling us who think it’s a load of crap to be active, blah blah, u know u ain’t doin’ shit either so join karina! i have done a TON for gay rights. i’ve marched, talked, sang, danced, i’ve walked, i’ve run, i’ve stood up to h8ers & thrown down with any1 who told me i do NOT have rights.

    here’s the basics: when u r a so-called celeb who PUTS YOURSELF IN THE PUBLIC EYE no matter what medium, U WILL BE CRITICIZED & LOVED.

    learn 2 deal or turn off the so-called spotlight u r shining on yourself.

    see u on the corner for the march you’re organizing yeah? can u tell me when, where & what your hair will be doing? i hope it wins.

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