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Here’s One Dragtastic Way To Pitch In And Support Orlando Victims


It’s difficult to know what, if anything, can be done in the wake of a tragedy of Orlando’s magnitude. Add a filter to your Facebook profile pic? Share commentary to your News Feed? These gestures all too often feel empty; ineffectively preaching to the choir.

Like most of the country, graphic designer David Ayllon found himself caving in to such feelings of helplessness in the aftermath of the Pulse attack. He wanted to find a way to make a difference.

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“After seeing the strength and resilience from within the queer and Latinx communities,” he writes on Facebook, “I knew I had to do something to support the victims and their families.”

Thus, Posters For Pulse was born. All proceeds from these limited edition prints — which are $15 apiece — will be donated directly to the official Pulse Victims Fund. They feature some of your favorite she-hilarious drag queens — Peaches Christ, Bob The Drag Queen, Pissi Myles, Ari Kiki — bedecked in sultry, noir-tinged ensembles and, well, just being irretrievably badass, basically.

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While $15 may sound like a paltry donation, it will add up quickly — and it’s certainly more useful than any hashtag campaign.

Purchase Posters For Pulse here, and check out the images below:


Ari Kiki


Bob the Drag Queen

Bob The Drag Queen – “Neon” 

Bob the Drag Queen

Bob the Drag Queen – “Noir”


Crimson Kitty


Betty Washburn


Dusty Ray Bottoms – Version 1


Dusty Ray Bottoms – Version 2


Iris Spectre


Iris Spectre – “Noir”


Jiggly Caliente


Judy Darling

Judy Darling


Judy Darling


Peaches Christ – “Hands”


Peaches Christ

Peaches Christ – “Scream Queen”


Pissi Myles – “Popcorn”


Pissy Mules – “Pink Prom”


Mary Kona