Here’s the photo Instagram deleted for violating “community guidelines”

Fresh off Instagram’s “accidental” removal and subsequent reinstatement of the Warwick Rowers’ account, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app is in the hot seat again for marking a post “offensive.”

The censored image showed two gay men kissing. It was uploaded by photographer Stella Asia Consonni, who received a message that it violated Instagram’s “community guidelines.”

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The photo features a real-life gay couple who have been together for seven years.

Here it is in all its “offensive” glory:

Consonni shared a screenshot of the message she received:

“If you violate our guidelines again,” the note warns, “your account may be restricted or disabled.”

Consonni followed up with some sharply-worded messages aimed at Instagram.

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“Dear Instagram,” she wrote. “I am utterly disgusted that you have just deleted a picture of a gay couple kissing.”

“This is the pic that has just been taken down. Are you for real?!”

“And to the horrible person that reported it: Get the F off my Gram and crawl back to your homophobic little insignificant existence.”

Among those who were ticked off by the unwarranted removal was Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander, who in a post of his own, urged Instagram to respond.

“Just been informed Instagram removed the following image for being ‘offensive and against guidelines’…” he wrote.

Eventually, Instagram issued a statement, saying this, too, was a “mistake.”

“This post was removed in error and we are sorry,” a spokesperson said. “It has since been reinstated.”