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Here’s Something You And Mel Gibson’s Dad Hutton Can Agree On

On the one hand, Mel Gibson’s father Hutton says the Holocaust never happened. On the other hand, he knows the Vatican is filled with child molesters. Also, the pope is “a homosexual.” I can’t decide whether to to run around the cul de sac throwing my arms up in the air and laughing or getting on board with twenty percent of this guy’s crazy.

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    The rotten apple didn’t fall too far from that very twisted tree……

  • Sid

    Mel’s whole family may be effed up, but he’s old enough now that if he’s still twisted, it’s entirely his own fault. Gay kids especially challenge their parents’ crazy BS all the time and become perfectly reasonable adults, and Mel should have too.

    At least Hutton seems like one of the minority of raving anti-gay bigots who isn’t actually trying to distract from his own homosexuality, but rather is really just an obsessive nutjob. So we don’t have to claim him. Silver lining.

  • Gary B.

    The pope is gay? Wow, that’s random.

  • B

    No. 3 · Gary B. wrote, “The pope is gay? Wow, that’s random.” … given the pope’s age and physical condition, I assumed he is currently asexual.

  • Nick Farben

    Said one priest hopeful, “I’m so glad Prop 8 was repealed. This is massive victory for my future marriage to God.”

  • EZRA

    @B: He is Celibate

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