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Here’s The Dilemma Trailer Without Vince Vaughn’s ‘So Gay’ Line. Makes Everything Better, Right?

Above, the new The Dilemma trailer from Universal Pictures, without Vince Vaughn’s opening line about electric cars being “gay,” which got Anderson Cooper so upset. An unnamed Universal exec originally said the studio screened the trailer for the folks at GLAAD, who had no problem with it; GLAAD says that was a lie. So in order to see Vaughn’s character utter the line, you’ll have to buy a $15 movie ticket, because Universal didn’t strip the dialogue from the actual film. Success?

Vince Vaughn: Still not commenting.

Universal pulled the original trailer from its YouTube account. Too bad it’s already bounced around the web:

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  • Paul

    I think everyone should replace the saying, “That’s So Gay”, with “That’s So Ron Howard”.

  • Diz

    @Paul: That’s so Raven.

  • FYI

    What do you expect from dopey Opy. After all, Ron Howard is the same asshole who de-gayed “A Beautiful Mind”. Go figure.

    Article: A beautiful minefield: the makers of A Beautiful Mind chose to ignore John Nash’s love of men. What were they thinking?

    (The Hollywood Issue).(Critical Essay)
    Article from: The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

    Article date: April 2, 2002

    Author: Michael Giltz (short excerpt below)

    “A selection of some of the countless films throughout Hollywood history that have had lesbian and gay content washed clean away.

    Time was when Hollywood could ignore us and get away with it. If A Beautiful Mind had been made in 1945, nobody would have made a stink about its sins of omission. Squeaky gay wheels didn’t get greased back then; they got flattened. So for history’s sake, check out these closeted bits of celluloid for a bit of perspective on how far we’ve come. –Dave White

    Night and Day (1946)

    Bisexual Cary Grant plays homosexual songwriter Cole Porter in this unsexual snow job. Even funnier: Grant sings “You’re the Top.”

    Hans Christian Anderson (1952)

    Bisexual Danny Kaye plays homosexual story-spinner Andersen in this snow job. Noticing a trend?

    Midnight Express (1978)

    As drug smuggler Billy Hayes, Brad Davis takes a pass on hot prison sex in the shower. In real life, Hayes just said yes.

    These Three (1936)

    Hollywood scrubs the sapphic scandal right out in filming Lillian Hellman’s play The Children’s Hour. Crossfire (1947)

    The novel (The Brick Foxhole) was about the murder of a gay man. In the film he’s straight and Jewish.

    The Color Purple (1985)

    Compared with the book’s overt lesbian content, the the smooch between Whoopi Goldberg and Margaret Avery comes off like college-girl experimentation.

    Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

    Match Game alum Fannie Flagg’s book is sent through the femme “Bland-o-lizer” as the novel’s hopelessly devoted lesbian lovers become just good friends.

    Studio 54 (1998)

    Disco-era denial as Mike Myers’s lust for Ryan Phillippe gets downplayed and Phillippe’s kiss with Breckin Meyer gets chopped. Eighty-year-old Disco Dottie gets more action in this movie.”

    Giltz is a regular contributor to several periodicals, including the New York Post.

  • hephaestion

    So… They removed the anti-gay line from the trailer. Fine.
    But did they remove the line from the movie???

  • hephaestion

    I don’t go to the movies to be insulted. Fuck you Ron Howard and Vince Vaughan and Queen Latifah et al. I will not give you my money so I can sit there and be insulted.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    @Hephaestion Apparently not, it’s still in the movie. Unless Universal and Ron Howard do the right thing, ie, rewrite the script, call the actors together and re-do the scene. But that’s a lot of money and they’d probably rather offend members of the audience then spend the dough.

  • alan brickman

    Ron Howard has always been a Homophobe….

  • alan brickman

    Kevin James in another homphobic movie??? What is he hiding??…

  • Gew

    Eh, a shit movie is still a shit movie. Certainly not on my list of movies to see.

  • Ryan

    They didn’t remove it from the actual movie? How f–king straight* can they be? That’s so straight* man, gawd. Stupid!

    “Straight”: dull, boring, lacking of color, lacking emotional depth, unoriginal, mundane, monotonous, gray, slice of white bread, conformity, lifeless, routine, lacking any creative thought or vibrancy, dirty, smells like shit, dusty, outdated, devoid of authenticity, cheap & easy, ape-like…

    In other words, stupid.

    Start using it! I have, and surprisingly it pisses them off.

  • Mark

    Queen Latifah – the noted closet case lesbian was in the scene.

    She’s a disgrace.

    As is this movie.

    Fuck you Ron Howard. Fuck you Vince Vaughn. And an especially big Fuck you to Queen Latifah – you self hating, unprincipled, cowardly idiot.

  • peter

    Another movie with fat and unattractive leading men hooked with hot and desirable women.

  • Ted

    Can someone please explain why the line “Ladies and Gentlemen, electric cars are so gay.” is offensive? I’ve heard this phrase used hundreds of times on TV but now suddenly its offensive.

  • Ryan

    @Ted: Because we’re growing up, that’s why.

  • Drew

    Ugh, people need to get over the use of the word “gay” and grow some thicker skin. It’s a line in a stupid B-rate comedy, just deal with it. It’s not meant maliciously, and there are about a thousand more important things to deal with.

  • Sandy Chesny

    Everybody needs to post, Blog, Make T Shirts, Tag Signs and get this out EVERYWHERE:

    “FU VV”

  • Sandy Chesny

    FU VV

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