Here’s The Pro-Gay Anti-Putin Sochi Olympics Dance Anthem You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s believed that the late great equality advocate Abe Lincoln coined the popular adage “disco music brings the people together.” He’s been on our minds since the Winter Olympics began a couple of weeks ago and we’ve often wondered “Where the hell is our g.d. Sochi dance anthem?” How will we be able to show solidarity for our oppressed queer brothers and sisters in Russia?

Thankfully, Ryan James Yezak has answered our prayers. The YouTube personality assembled some friends, and turned out a new pro-gay video to Kylie’s hit “Your Disco Needs You.” You’re welcome, Russia.

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  • ChanceApollo

    …what the crap do you mean “a Kylie sound-alike vocalist?” This is the original album version of Kylie’s song.

  • Mezaien

    It`s look like CA Palm Springs,

  • Respect4all

    Is “your disco” a euphemism for homosexuality or gay rights? I don’t get it.

  • mada

    @ChanceApollo: I know the article’s been changed to “Kylie’s hit” (which it definitely wasn’t, sarcasm detected from the editors). It’s pretty funny that they originally thought it was a “Kylie sound-alike vocalist” because the video/song seem so unlike her, buuut… (Kylie is awesomely campy. That’s why you should like her. People need to get over that and enjoy).

    Little hilarious factoid: there are French, Spanish, German, and Japanese versions of the song, (but that’s just the four spoken verses). #kyliefanhasleft

  • Scribe38

    God I need to up my medication, because that actually actually made me cry (what lgbt Russians and some Africans are going through). I took “your disco” to mean your life, whether good or bad, so you need to fight for it, but again I am emotional as crap this morning.

  • tookietookie

    Everyone please go to your local disco and volunteer. Coat check skills, handing out flyers, whatever you can do no contribution is too small.

  • alterego1980

    There are two sides to this. One, that it’s great and everyone should be adding their own touch to the protest of Putin and the Russian anti-gay laws. I love RJY and most of the people in this video and all they do on a daily basis for gays just by sharing their worlds. Two, that interpretive prison dance was (to me) crazy ridiculous and doesn’t help the video. I mean, I laughed out loud so maybe that was the intent.

  • ChanceApollo

    @mada: See, this particularly upset me in the original wording because this was the song that originally introduced me to Kylie. I was 18 and had just moved from Alaska, USA to London England, and was a very sheltered and naive kid who was just starting to be comfortable with who I was. And then I made my first ever gay friend. And he introduced me to Kylie via this song. And though I never became a big fan on Kylie’s I have liked her ever since. Thanks to this song. And The fact that it took me pointing it out to the Queerty editors for them to realize that this was actually Kylie and not a “sound-alike vocalist” kinda pissed me off. Admittedly more than it should, but still…

  • Stefano

    I’m still waiting for the atheletes to do some protest in Soochi…What are they waiting ? LOL

  • dale landefeld

    do you think the Ruskies will get a head’s up?……their ass, that is

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