Here’s This Week’s Round-Up Of Horribly Violent Gay Bashings

Sometimes there are so many queer bashings that we just don’t have time to give them the full coverage they deserve. So we’ve decided to put a bunch of recent bashings and murders into one big post. There’s survivors, arrests and jail time which is good, but the rest them are so depressing that you’ll probably wanna sign up for karate classes or buy that German Luger you’ve been eyeing.

San Francisco, CA: 51-year-old Clyde “Leo” Neville was beaten to death inside his low-cost apartment for people living with HIV/AIDS. Police have video surveillance footage which may reveal the identity of Neville’s killer who they suspect might have been a hook-up. They also suspect theft as the motive rather than a hate crime. Neville was a bubbly cheery 250-pound man who liked drinking Steel Reserve 211 and who participated in the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Black Brothers Esteem program.

Chicago, IL: Five people have been arrested for the robbery and murder of 28-year-old Gumaro Chavez. At 2:15 a.m. the murderers saw Chavez leave La Cueva—a transgender bar on Chicago’s South Side—and proceeded to pull him from his car and repeatedly kick and stab him. Later they ransacked his apartment and then celebrated by going to a McDonald’s. The three men and two women involved have all been charged with two counts each for first-degree murder.

Harlan, KY: The Kentucky Equality Federation asked the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene in a case involving an April attack on 28-year-old openly gay man Kevin Pennington. Pennington had angered 18-year-old Ashley Jenkins and her 37-year-old cousin David Jason Jenkins by refusing to date either one of them. So one night they and two others picked up Pennington ‘to go riding around for cigarettes and soda.’ But instead they drove Pennington up a mountain in Kingdom Come State Park and the two men proceeded to stomp his head, legs, arms and back while the two women shouted “Kill that Faggot!”

While one man searched for a tire iron and a woman agreed to help throw Pennington’s corpse over the mountainside once he was dead, Pennington jumped over a cliff, hid behind a rock, and waited 45 minutes for them to leave. After they left, it took him two hours until he eventually broke into a ranger station and called 911. Police saw that Pennington had a torn ear, a torn shoulder ligament, boot marks and gravel embedded into his face. David Jason Jenkins and 20-year-old Anthony Ray Jenkins were charged with attempted murder while 18-year-old Mabel Ashley Jenkins and 18-year-old Alexis Leann Jenkins were charged with complicity to commit attempted murder. The entire Jenkins posse plead not guilty to these and hate crime charges.

Chicago, IL: An “anonymous tip” from a member of the city’s Black LGBT community led police to arrest 24-year-old Darren Hayes for the July 4th Boystown stabbing of 25-year-old Depaul University student Rubin Robinson. Robinson survived the attack but suffered multiple stab wounds and a collapsed lung as a result. The police continue the hunt for more suspects in the attack which was captured on video.

London, England: Police just released a surveillance video of an attack on a 25-year-old and 22-year-old gay couple in hopes of identifying the four shitheads who attacked them. The cowardly thugs punched the couple from behind, ganged up on them, and then ran off as the 22-year-old lay injured in the gutter. The victims sought care at a local hospital.