the shot

Here’s What God Did to the (Maybe Gay Hating, Or Gay Loving) Lutheran Church Yesterday


THE SHOT — While nobody was hurt when a tornado yesterday ravaged the Minneapolis Convention Center where Lutherans are about to vote on whether to allow gay clergy, there was some damage. Reader Tim was outside after the storm and snapped this photo of the Lutheran church across from the convention center. Jesus isn’t screwing around, is he?

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  • ChicagoJimmy

    Perhaps Mother Nature is just saying that Jesus is a pussy!

  • Cinderfellow

    That only means that God doesn´t like Lutherans but bhe likes Episcopalians

  • M Shane

    I was about to ravage a pretty young man on the bus, that would have been ravaging –not of a Luthern variety. That’s Central Luthern Church, next door . I don’t believe anyone got that ravaged.

    Almost everyone is Luthern & Scandinavian in Minnesta; just a really bland bunch who are more concerned about their kids being mad or leaving home than God-who is kind of neutral or neurtered; more like a Bergman film than the KKK..
    Actually most of the gays go to church here-that’s where they meet and get married and never really learn how to have sex, or think that kissing is going the limit. If you ever get to see the film ‘Fargo’ it gives you a hint of the mentality.

    I’m sure they weren’t afraid of God or anything like might get the Baptists astir . Of course their interpretation would be that God was warning them of Armageddon for even talking about us Sodomites. These Lutrens are passive agressive to the max and would talk behind your back if anything. Which is good and bad,. It’s pretty hard to know what they really think ever or if they do. The crazies of Michel Bachmans’ ilk are, I think a different bunch. more zany and flambouant. The lutheran else find her embarassing but wont tell her what a mess she is.

    Everyone here is so isolated that they rate as the state with the fewest people who move here or leave in the whole U.S.

  • Gabriel

    @M Shane: STFU and move already. Your, for lack of a better term, “assessment” of gay Minnesota sucks. And how about you show some stats to back your claim that Minnesota rates as the state “with the fewest people who move here or leave in the whole US” I guess someone forgot to tell that to the Somalis, Hmong, Mexicans, etc. and midwesternerss who’ve moved to the state, particularly Twin Cities over the past two decades. Hello, the population if growing, not declining, genius. As someone who moved from San Francisco I don’t miss the Castro one bit. Perhaps you’d be happier there.

  • schlukitz

    That any person living in the 21st century who took science class in school could actually believe that a natural phenomena like a hurricane, tornado, tsunami or volcanic eruption could actually be a vicious act of retribution from a vengeful God, defies all common sense and logic.

  • TeleUte83

    @M Shane: I call bullshit on you and that ain’t passive.

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