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Here’s Why Barney Frank Is Just Fine With Obama Ignoring Marriage Equality


“Very good” is how Rep. Barney Frank describes his relationship with the president. “Because I think he’s very smart and able, and I am in a position where we work closely.” Well isn’t that dear! But for having such a good relationship with our nation’s chief executive, it’s not like the sometimes temperamental Frank is exactly pressuring the guy on our marriage rights. GQ asks, Frank (pictured with partner Jim Ready) answers:

But I’m curious how you feel about where gay marriage is right now. Is it disappointing that you now have this young Democratic president, this young black Democratic president, who still won’t come out for—
Not really. Because he’s been so good on everything else. And, uh, I understand the political reality. I was not in favor of his coming out for same-sex marriage when he first got elected. But I would hope he would be by the time he runs for reelection.

You would hope he would be, but you weren’t in favor of him doing so in 2008?
I think it would have given the opposition help they didn’t need.

So do you think Obama doesn’t really feel that there should be same-sex marriage? Or was it just a political—
I don’t know what’s in his heart of hearts. I do know that it was…The general view, which I shared, was that no one who wanted to get elected president could have been a supporter of same-sex marriage. On the other hand, things have moved very far since then, and I’m more optimistic about 2012 than I was about same-sex marriage.

That is: Leave the issue alone for now, let Obama get re-elected in 2012, and then there will be time for our rights.