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  • Spike

    A-list: Los Angeles?!!? Says about the A-list in LA if this guy is on it.

    And let me guess, Reichen just happened to get a job as an advertising executive job (that or reception desk) and is moving into a fabulous condo in Weho . . . just in time to be on the show?!!?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    How the hell did Intern Ross manage to hook that hot guy?

  • Mike

    I hate how Logo has co-opted this whole “bitchy gay housewives” thing. At least Andy Cohen would have picked people who weren’t all entirely disgusting.

  • Hellarious

    If he is a fashion stylist, why don’t his clothes fit?! Jacket, tie and shirt are all messed up…he looks like a straight guy!
    Cute though. Ross is soooo annoying.

  • Ian

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Your name says it all in that you needed to ask that question. Maybe because Ross has an AMAZINGLY funny AND smart personality, has great fashion sense, and hell if your obsessing on his weight he’s a new Jenny Craig spokesperson. And his career is on the rise as he very popularly hosted Chelsey Lately last week and I wouldn’t be surprised at all based on the tweets if he gets offered permanent sub-host status on Chelsey now.

  • I dunno but...

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:
    Maybe giggling virgins are his thing… they ain’t mine though!

    I’m with you #4: IMHO, Ross is sooo annoying. He has the same effect on me that Wall Street had on that escaped cobra in NYC – makes my skin crawl. (and jfyi, Ian, no it doesn’t have a thing to do with his weight)

  • Ian

    God, ANOTHER gaggle of bitchers on Queerty complaining about a gay celebrity that is OUT. I swear I’m starting to seriously think that most of Queerty’s commenters are closeted republicans, as they trash almost every straight ally that has a story here and bitch about any celebrity that isn’t that ultimate silver spooned glass closet case Mr. Prada wearing (ugh) Anderson Cooper.

    Rich good looking closet cases, that seems to be all these former Perez reading bitchy commenters seem to care about on Queerty, and any OUT, or effeminate, or not so good looking gays can be damned. You guys suck, I’m starting to think it’s time to take this site off my address bar.

  • Jeffree

    I used to think JayLeno had Ross on just to make fun of him, but over time I started to realize that he wouldn’t keep Ross unless Ross was competent, and audiences responded well to him. I’m still torn, kinda sorta.

    I wish Ross & his BF well. Not sure if I’ll watch this latest version of “A-listers” though. I hope Daniel V will blog the show when it airs: his write ups are always better than the actual shows !

  • mattsy

    IAN- its CHELSEA not Chelsey FYI
    get it right !

  • Ian

    @mattsy: Ooopsie, a sincere thank you for pointing that out as I also hate when people needlessly misspell things! I stand corrected :)

  • adman

    Gawd, are the cable tube/internetz beige-ing up being gay or what? Where do these people come from? Wait, there is an actual major in college called “communications” for attention whores isn’t there? I almost forgot. This means they are being screened from the worthy gene pool for their self seeking latent psychoses, complete with job interviews where normal people are screened out? Logo steers them, and they’re collecting in LA as “tastemakers” for the rest of us? Heh. It’s kind of suffering my sisters kids while they jack up Barney songs from TV, screaming out gibberish from potty mouths. Just get out the vacuum, they’ll scramble, works every time.

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