Here’s Your Personal Atlanta Eagle Raid Diary. Tweet It! Comment! Facebook It!


Having drummed up local support from anti-police protesters, demonstrating in their underwear, Atlanta’s raided Eagle bar owner Robert Kelley (pictured) has launched this website to offer the definitive account of what happened the night of Sept. 10. Namely: “According to the patrons (a group which included several elderly men), police officers shoved people to the ground, threatened to hit them in the head with barstools, handcuffed people, made racist and anti-gay comments, and forced patrons to remain flat on the ground, with their faces against a floor covered in some areas with spilled beer and broken glass, even long after they had been searched and found to be unarmed. … Old men who didn’t move fast enough were shoved to the floor.” Yes, but who had on the most fabulous outfit? Details, people!