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Herschel Walker’s son uses Pride Month to remind everyone… he’s not gay

Christian Walker, son of Herschel Walker
Christian Walker (Photo: Twitter)

Christian Walker, the son of Georgia Republican Senate nominee and former NFL player, Herschel Walker, has taken the opportunity of Pride Month to remind people: He’s not gay.

Despite being attracted to, and loving, men, Christian, who has built himself an online following with his right-wing, pro-Trump rants, doesn’t label himself gay.

“Pride month is starting so I’d like to announce to everyone that I’m NOT gay. I’m attracted to men but I refuse to identify with the rainbow cult. I don’t believe in indoctrinating children. My whole identity isn’t my sexuality. And I don’t go to gay bars. Don’t call me gay.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Walker Jr., here’s a video he posted recently lambasting dads who don’t spend enough time with their kids.

This is not the first time Walker Jr. has stated he’s not gay.

On a podcast in January, when host Hasan Piker used the word “gay” about him, Walker responded: ““Don’t call—Don’t put that ghetto g-word on me. I just like masculine men. I’m not a—I don’t wanna be lumped in with the rainbow people,” he said. “Gay conserv—I’m not a gay conservative. I’m a conservative who likes men.”

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His Pride Month tweet has prompted plenty of reaction, with many accusing him of dealing with internalized issues.

And then some people were just, well, a little blunter in their language.

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