Hetero Ally Ben Cohen Proves He’s Down For The Struggle Via Shirtlessness For The Umpteenth Time



If you’ve been paying attention to the outside world where heterosexual people are talking to or about the gays and/or to which famous athletes take off their clothes a lot, then you know of now-retired professional rugby star Ben Cohen, his nonstop pro-gayness and his tendency to be photographed wearing not much.

Latest example: he’s on the cover (and the interior) of U.K. publication Gay Times. Wardrobe wrangling for the shoot was minimal.

For most celebrities this would be about nothing more than publicity whoring. But–assuming you don’t know the man and his current work–Cohen is on a mission to get the sports world to stop being so damn anti-gay. He spends a lot of time now talking to student athletes about homophobia and formed the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation to further those goals. Basically, he’s become the Lady Gaga of the locker room.

The cynical among you will speculate that the man just understands on which side his post-jock career bread is buttered and is willing to go where others haven’t dared to capture a niche market. Go ahead. Everything he’s done so far seems very sincere, but go ahead.

The even more cynical among you will speculate that we posted this just to show you the most recent shots. You would not be entirely incorrect.