Hetero Ally Ben Cohen Proves He’s Down For The Struggle Via Shirtlessness For The Umpteenth Time



If you’ve been paying attention to the outside world where heterosexual people are talking to or about the gays and/or to which famous athletes take off their clothes a lot, then you know of now-retired professional rugby star Ben Cohen, his nonstop pro-gayness and his tendency to be photographed wearing not much.

Latest example: he’s on the cover (and the interior) of U.K. publication Gay Times. Wardrobe wrangling for the shoot was minimal.

For most celebrities this would be about nothing more than publicity whoring. But–assuming you don’t know the man and his current work–Cohen is on a mission to get the sports world to stop being so damn anti-gay. He spends a lot of time now talking to student athletes about homophobia and formed the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation to further those goals. Basically, he’s become the Lady Gaga of the locker room.

The cynical among you will speculate that the man just understands on which side his post-jock career bread is buttered and is willing to go where others haven’t dared to capture a niche market. Go ahead. Everything he’s done so far seems very sincere, but go ahead.

The even more cynical among you will speculate that we posted this just to show you the most recent shots. You would not be entirely incorrect.



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  • robert in NYC

    Mmmmmmm, what a hunk! He’s charming too when he opens his mouth to speak. We need so many more straight allies just like him, not afraid to speak out. He’s a great ambassador to fight homophobia in sport. Well done, and thank you, Ben!

  • Joe

    As if there is something wrong with him benefiting from doing the right thing??? People do the wrong and awful thing all the time and benefit. Why should anyone judge him for wanting to improve the sports world, the lives of gays and lesbians, and also get paid. Girls gotta eat! I hope he continues working hard, helping us, and is successful for it!

  • Mark

    He’s a true gentleman and a great voice for equal rights. And, a damn fine piece of eye candy!

  • robert in NYC

    That he is, Mark!

  • Zeus

    How much do you wanna bet Andy Cohen tried to S his D?

  • timncguy

    I was expecting Tomas Mournian (who wrote about Johnny Weir’s “muffin top” yesterday) to stop by here and comment about Ben Cohen’s muffin top.

    I think Ben Cohen looks great. But, I’m always surprised at how he seems to get a free pass at having a bit extra around the middle when the same bitchy queens call anyone else with more than 8% body fat an out of shape toad as evidenced by Tomas Mournian’s post about Weir yesterday.

  • Tomas Mournian

    @timncguy: I’m sorry, but the bitchiest man in L.A. (I have the sash to prove it!) was busy all day driving around downtown L.A., looking for some affordable lipo suction. If only I’d seen Ben Cohen’s pix, I might not have been Scared Skinny by Simon Doonan’s new book. Meanwhile, some person stands under my window screaming, “It’s my float! It’s my parade!”

  • Jeffree

    After looking at that photo, I’m reduçed to random consonants because I used up all my OOHs & AHHs.
    gkrf lsq btvx rgqv hcsssss

    And his work to help level the field(s) for LGBT sport people makes him an all-star.

    When are getting someone like that here stateside? Or am I forgetting someone?

  • Aaron

    It’s important for heterosexual men (and women) to really do stuff like this because all too often we hear these guys and girls say “oh I have nothing against gay people, they deserve equal rights” but when it really comes down to it, those same people can’t be found ANYWHERE when we’re voting against something or trying to make a march happen or whatever. It’s so trendy to say “gay is okay!” but if you pin people down, they’re not really willing to put their convictions behind these statements.

    I’m very proud of Ben for putting himself out there and not being afraid to stand behind an opinion like this. It’s very inspiring for ME, and I hope that it’s inspiring for the many athletes he comes in contact with.

    And yes…what a cutie!! Those ruggers are awfully fun to look at.

  • Mark

    *Right Click* – save image as – “PERFECTION” – and save.

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