Hetero Aussie TV Host Dishes On All Those Times He’s Fooled Around With Men


Chances are you’ve never heard of Osher Günsberg, a.k.a. Andrew G. He’s basically Australia’s Ryan Seacrest. Only cuter. And with an accent.

The handsome, brown-eyed host of Australian Idol and The Bachelor is 42 and happily engaged to a woman. But, unlike Seacrest, he’s not shy about discussing his past late night liaisons with men.

Günsberg, a heterosexual vegan who loves cycling, recently went on his local radio station to discuss his past dips into the man pond.

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“You’ve got to go on all the rides at Dreamworld before you find the one you want to stay on all day,” he said, before adding he’s gave up fooling around with fellas “a long time ago.”

This is the second time he’s discussed the subject publicly. In January, he told another radio station, “I’ve got no problems talking about that I’ve pashed a bloke or two.”

The handsome TV personality added that he doesn’t believe sexuality is a “polarized thing” and that your twenties are “there for a reason.”

“Sexuality happens,” he said.”It’s a grey, kind of moving fluid dynamic.”

We like the way this guy thinks.

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