Hetero Guy Confesses To Meeting Guys On OKCupid And Loving It

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In a new Reddit thread titled “Damn, gay guys are nice as fuck,” a heterosexual man opens up about his fondness for chatting with gay dudes on OKCupid.

“I’m a straight guy,” the post begins, “I guess.”

“So I’m on okcupid. Just checking things out, and these women are just stuck up and kind of defensive. Some are just rude as hell.”

So, he says, he started looking for other options.

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“I start checking out the gay dudes,” he writes, “and I’ve been thinking about going to a gay bar, cause, why not. I can get women, mind you, but, eh, I’ve always had so much more fun with guys, normally.”

But before you go getting any ideas, the man admits the thought of having sex with another guy “is gross to me,” but he doesn’t mind the idea of “being close and shooting the shit.”

“So I start msging gay dudes,” he continues. “I tell them what’s up, like what I’ve explained above, and they are so cool to me! Nearly all of them take the time to msg me back, talk to me about introducing me to bars, or going with them and meeting some people.”

“It’s so nice,” he writes, “just to have someone talk to me and not instantly assuming I’m an ax wielding maniac. Anyway, I just wanted to say this, thanks.”

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But not everyone on Reddit is thrilled by the man’s post.

“Dude, it’s impolite to tell somebody you’re trying to be friends with that their sex life is gross,” one person responds. “Keep it to yourself. I wouldn’t sit next to you and tell you that your sex life is gross and I wouldn’t tolerate the same from you.”

“I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I should just note that there are some frankly terrible gay people out there,” another person says. “Being gay doesn’t make a person immune from being a bad person. But I’m glad you are enjoying meeting nice people.”

“You can’t honestly expect to come in here and say that, and be well-received, can you?” a third person adds. “I’m glad you’re enjoying your tourism, but try not to talk down to the locals in their safe spaces.”

What do you think? Is this allegedly straight, non-ax-wielding-maniac’s post impolite and/or insulting? Or are all gay guys really “nice as fuck”? Sound off in the comments below.