Customer Disservice

Hetero Sprint Customer Receives Email Calling Him “Gay” and “Sissyboy”

Kelvin Matthews’ birth certificate is probably free of homophobic slurs, but don’t tell that to Sprint customer service, who sent him an email addressed to “Sissyboy Kelvin Gay Matthews” after he reported receiving messages from a closed account.

We don’t know about you, but we think we’ve just found our new Porn Star Name.

Matthews, who for the record does not “live a homosexual life,” expressed his concerns to Sprint, who apologized profusely:

“We have apologized to Mr. Mathews and deeply regret what happened over the weekend. Mr. Mathews should never have received this email from our representative. We have dealt with that employee appropriately.”

Sprint then offered him a new business account with an iphone and two free months’ service.

Hey, we’ve been called worse for less in return, and who knew that “sissyboy” would be the homophobic slur du jour for this spring?