Heterosexual Marriage Leads To Woman-Robot Marriage

In a frightening turn of events, we’re hearing the legalization of heterosexual marriage has led to extremely bizarre behavior among human king: the wedding of a woman to a robot. Even if R2D2 is arguably the world’s most famous bot (though C-3PO might argue otherwise), Bonnie Burton’s marriage to this piece of machinery can only spell the fall of mankind.

[Romancing the Droid: Why I Married R2-D2]

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  • NCNC

    In before Jason talks about how all female desire is artificial anyway, so this was inevitable…

  • Hyhybt

    “Commitment” sounds like exactly what those folks need :)

  • rhen

    i really wish the writers at queerty would use a spell checker or perhaps read over their articles before publishing them to the site. Nice people I’m sure but they come across as kinda stoopid (i did that on purpose btw)

  • Red Meat

    Don’t mess with star wars boys!

  • Ken S

    {sigh} This kinda (almost) makes me empathize with people who denounce Pride festivities as making us look like weirdos. As a self-respecting nerd, seeing *these* weirdos on parade makes it a bit hard to show my face some days for fear of association :-/

  • donna

    lol, I have to reply…women have been married to mechanical devices for years ie vibrators ;P

  • JM

    @rhen: A spell checker wouldn’t have helped with “human king,” I’m afraid.

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