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  • FakeName

    Of course Obama wouldn’t have worn one of the pretty rainbow necklaces because those are the actual awards and he wouldn’t wear an award that he hadn’t received, would he?


  • MDThom

    Those are the ribbons for the Kennedy Center Honors.

    Don’t you people at Queerty ever check out things before you make silly statements like this.

  • InExile

    Obama wouldn’t wear a rainbow necklace, it might upset ex-gay preacher Donnie McClurkin or Rick Warren.

  • FakeName

    Obama wouldn’t wear this rainbow necklace because it is the Kennedy Center Honor, which he has not received.

    This is a stellar example of why shit does not get done in the LGBT community. Manufactured outrage about nothing.

  • Joe Marrazzo

    It was clearly a joke, fellas. Decompress.

  • Jon B

    I think Queerty was making a joke… I hope so at least…


    That’s kinda funny, it’s clearly a joke.

  • FakeName

    If it is a joke, and we are talking about Queerty here, not really known for a sense of humor, it’s kind of difficult to tell given Queerty’s usual drama queen tactics. Queerty’s cried gay wolf so many times about Obama and other public figures that in this instance it’s pretty hard not to read the above as slamming him for not wearing a rainbow ribbon because he hates on the gays.

  • tjr101

    LMAO… Queerty is so full of shit, yet I keep coming back!

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