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Hey, Bullies? IT GETS WORSE

While celebrities like Tim Gunn and Chaz Bono and Michael Urie are telling queer kids “it gets better,” there’s also this poignant message for the bullies tormenting gay kids: “it gets worse.”

This unidentified former bully, who admits to calling kids “faggot” and beating on them, says things only “get worse” for douchebags. He’s a night manager at a shoe store, not the famous athlete he hoped for.

Whether it’s a spoof video or an accurate story about what happens to jerks, it’s telling. Queer kids can wise up and escape to safe havens. Bigoted bullies remain in their small towns, turn into fat pieces of crap, and have six kids from four women. And yearn for the glory days of high school. From here on out, it’s all downhill.

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  • Jake

    Except it’s not true. Bullies grow up to be politicians, business people, military leaders, etc.

  • Alex

    haha, this is Brett Urlich of viral video film school on current tv. He’s hilarious, isn’t he?

  • Daez

    @Jake: Don’t forget religious leaders and even the pope (straight from Nazi youth camp).

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Definitely parody; when he revealed where he worked, I literally laughed out loud.

  • Cam

    LOL! ASsistant manager….well, night manager at Footlocker…ladies Footlocker.


    @Daez: Boy nazi to adult hatefilled bigot………..


  • Hilarious

    Bullies move on and forget all about you.

    That’s actual reality. I know everyone likes to believe they get some divine retribution and live miserably but most of them do not.

    Only the ones that feel remorse seem to deal with anything.

    I’ve seen some of the nastiest people go on to become “kinder” and “gentler” as well as “popular” adults. Go figure.

    The best thing we can do for ourselves is move on. If we don’t the bullies win.

  • scott ny'er

    @Hilarious: Exactly. Bullies would go on the Oprah, Ricky Lake, etc talk shows. They would come on and the victim would confront the bully.

    The bully is all, “who are you? Really? I did that? Gosh, that’s terrible. I don’t even remember that.” Meanwhile, the victim is sobbing or visibly affected and looking very emotional and states how their remember and are traumatized by it.

    Sometimes the bully is sorry. Sometimes, not so much and may even be unapologetic.

    Honestly, I’m not certain what Brett Erlich is going for with this piece.1. It’s not funny, because it’s not really true. It’s wishful thinking. 2. It’s not a real piece, so there is no basis for vindication from the victims. Thus, it fails if that was the motive.

  • Scott

    To Gay people, especially those that feel crappy:

    There is a place for everyone. Turn your anger, hurt, resentment outward into something constructive. You can’t control others but get your positive message out there often enough and the bullshit will eventually die.

    The increased bullshit from bullies such as politicians and asshole classmates is due to the great strides we’ve made in equality. Backlashes are a positive sign we’re on the right track. The news only reports the sensational stuff because they want ratings. There’s a whole other story out there that the media ignores.

    There is hope. It’s easy to destroy. You have to work to build. Love and respect yourself. You are worth it.

  • Shawn

    Perez Hilton is one of the biggest bullies ever…gay or straight.

  • pfitzner

    @Alex: The name s Ehrlich, and it ain’t him. Look again.

  • Queer Supremacist

    This is male heterosexuality in a nutshell as far as I’m concerned.

    You act like this in high school and you don’t have connections, you grow up to be Al Bundy.

  • alan brickman

    Half of the bullies are women..and then they go onto congress..and deny you equal rights…it gets worse for who again???




  • UpStaircase

    A bully is someone who picks a target person to torment solely because the target is weaker or not in a position to fight back. There are no set rules for the outcome. Some former bullies feel remorse for what they’d done when younger and dumber and try to make up for it. There are plenty of bullies in the gay world as well as the straight.

  • alejandro

    @Alex: have you ever watched current tv??? that is not him. definatly funny though :P

  • Stefan

    The very big deciding factor of whether or not bullies change is college. College for the most part really forces people to open up their minds. While not all may feel remorse, most do shed their “bullines”. Ones who don’t go to college are much more likely to stay in their ways though.

  • Ryan

    @GAYS DIE:

    You have no power here closet-case! Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!

  • UpStaircase

    Stefan : Except for the ones that fall under the spell of ivory-tower-elite professor types and become unquestioning Left-Wing activist bullies. There are those too.

  • Fitz

    Clearly staged. But I will share one totally, 100% truthful story about seeing my bully 25 years after I left town: Swear to G_d: he had one arm, and was working at store-24. I wrote to the store manager and complained about him not issuing a receipt to me.

  • Joe News

    @Alex: that’s not brett erlich but it looks a lot like him

  • MT

    Real or fake, he’s hot.

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