on the flip side

Hey, Bullies? IT GETS WORSE

While celebrities like Tim Gunn and Chaz Bono and Michael Urie are telling queer kids “it gets better,” there’s also this poignant message for the bullies tormenting gay kids: “it gets worse.”

This unidentified former bully, who admits to calling kids “faggot” and beating on them, says things only “get worse” for douchebags. He’s a night manager at a shoe store, not the famous athlete he hoped for.

Whether it’s a spoof video or an accurate story about what happens to jerks, it’s telling. Queer kids can wise up and escape to safe havens. Bigoted bullies remain in their small towns, turn into fat pieces of crap, and have six kids from four women. And yearn for the glory days of high school. From here on out, it’s all downhill.

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