Hey Chaz Bono: ‘Almost no transgender people ever have surgery’


While Cher‘s daughter-cum-son Chaz Bono announced she would become a he, it’s unclear how far Chaz plans to go in the FTM arena. He could go all the way, with full-on gender reassignment surgery, or he could opt for a hormone regimen without asking a surgeon to reshape his bits and pieces. While Chaz asks for privacy, plenty of other folks are using the celebrity status as a teaching moment: Transgender actress Candis Cayne has some advice for mama, while Mara Keisling, executive director of the Washington-based National Center for Transgender Equality, has gone ahead and announced her suspicions that Chaz actually won’t go through with the surgery. “The whole media fixation on surgery is kind of misplaced,” she tells CNN. “Almost no transgender people ever have surgery. We don’t have any idea how many do.”