Hey Chris Crocker, Leave Danny Noriega Alone!


Internet “celebrity” Chris Crocker keeps adding more and more jobs to his resume. The petite blond first came on the scene as a teary-eyed gender blender, defending Britney Spears from all the haters on a viral video that was huge for a hot minute. Now that we’ve all decided to “leave Britney alone,” though, he’s metamorphosed into a (slightly) more masculine would-be porn star.

But it seems the Bible Belt native can also add “Twitter warrior” to his evergrowing CV. He and Danny Noriega, a semi-finalist from American Idol Season 7 and Crocker’s alleged former BFF/boyfriend, have taken to verbal jousting over the social-media tool, 140 characters at a  time. We’re not sure what started the rift, but it’s getting ugly:

@DannyNoriega: I’m literally to the point where I don’t care enough about you anymore to check your subliminal tweets about me.

@ChrisCrocker:  @DannyNoriega Subliminal? I said your name, bitch. And before you make a porn joke, wasn’t it you asking me to get you a porn deal?   Just thought I would let you guys know.

@DannyNoriega: @ChrisCrocker Chris, go fuck yourself in your new porn movie.

We don’t know who will win this witty war of words. But Crocker has 137, 688 Twitter followers to Noriega’s 24,119. Which is all that really matters, right? Still it’s never fun to watch former besties go at it, as @Melysa reminds us:  “Watching @ChrisCrocker and @DannyNoriega fight is like watching when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Broke up :/”

Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

We’ll leave you with this YouTube clip of Crocker and Noriega from happier (if possibly chemically altered) times.

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