Hey Dudes, Here’s The 3 Gayest Surfing Movies Ever

Newcastle (2008)

HERE’S THE 411: Seventeen-year-old Jesse doesn’t want to work in a coal barge like his failed-surfer brother Victor or his estranged dad. He’s got talent and a real shot at the international circuit, dude. But a fight with rival surfers could wipe out his dreams of catching a wave into the pro-surfing world.

WHY’S IT SO GAY, BRO?: The film’s been called “a pilot for Boy Baywatch” and noted for its “startling amount of skin.” Indeed, director Dan Castle has his boys surfing naked with lots of butt shots (unsurprising considering that Castle’s past films include a documentary about about male cage-dancers in gay Mexico City nightclubs). Matt Ravler with In Film Australia said, “the lean, often naked teenage boys are as longingly photographed as the 10-foot waves.” The film is shy about its gay bent, throwing in bikini-clad dudettes for cross-marketing appeal and concentrating obliquely on the film’s only gay character. Jesse’s sexually ambiguous bro Fergus eventually gets his taste of gaydom, but it’s a sidenote rather than a subplot.

WORTH CATCHING?: Eh"Newcastle, unfortunately, sometimes feels like several back-to-back episodes of an Australian soap. From its title to its end credits (which feature the actor’s names superimposed on character clips), the film has the look and feel of television. The film under-performs not for lack of talent or budget, but out of a need to please too wide an audience.”

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