Hey Dudes, Here’s The 3 Gayest Surfing Movies Ever


HERE’S THE 411: For wiry surf twink Midget Hollow, there’s little else to do in his small Australian beach town but sink some suds, smoke some weed, catch some waves, and suck some dick. That is, until his best friend’s brother Cass returns from his European travels all hunky and gay. But Cass has got some secrets and his return to their dead-end hometown doesn’t bode well for Midget’s own hopes to leave.

WHY’S IT SO GAY, BRO?: Midget is a locker room troll, a bit of a toilet tramp, and might even be turning tricks at the mysterious McQuillan mansion. He sucks his way through the film’s first act and eventually falls in love with Cass. Though the film looks like a softcore, it’s one of the few gay indie films that features the excitement and fear of being a hyper-sexual but closeted teen. And things certainly don’t get any easier once Midget and Cass hook up. Homophobia, hot sex, and self-loathing all keep this from just being a surf version of A Beautiful Thing.

WORTH CATCHING?: “>Sure, brah. “At first glance this might look like one of those unwatchable surfing and skateboarding movies where the characters are drunk or high or both and mumble indecipherable monosyllables in poorly lit rooms. It isn’t. It’s gripping, poignant and stylish. It manages to make its points concisely and clearly, but is never too obvious. I was constantly surprised by the turn of events in the plot. It manages to capture all the elements of its genre, without losing itself into a cryptic, meaningless and messy mystery, but be assured, this is no tale of Adam meets Steve and they live happily ever after.”

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