Hey Dudes, Here’s The 3 Gayest Surfing Movies Ever

SHELTER (2007)

HERE’S THE 411: Hunky surfer Zach put his artistic aspirations on hold to support his sister and five-year-old nephew as a short order chef. But when his friend’s brother Shaun comes home to recover from writer’s block and an abusive relationship, Shaun and Zach encourage each other to achieve their dreams (and suck some face). Will Zach stick around to help his sister or go off to create art?

WHY’S IT SO GAY, BRO?: The actors seem as gay as the average str8 boy on Corbin Fisher, but the film has two interesting twists. When it begins, Zach has an on-again-off-again girlfriend which makes him more bisexual than flat-out gay. Also, Shaun’s wealthy and slightly older, making his relationship with Zach one of a mentor as well as a lover (hawt). Shaun also starred in the gay indie film Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss.

WORTH CATCHING?: Ride it. “Except for the location shooting, this low-budget indie plays like an extended episode of The O.C. what with all the ‘bro’s and ‘dude’s and love scenes tame enough for network TV. Nonetheless, Markowitz’s heart is in the right place, and Shelter may provide some real-life Zachs with the courage they need to follow their passions.”

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