“Hey, Ireland! God Hates You!” Sez Fred Phelps

First he came for the fags, then he came for Sweden, now Fred Phelps and his anti-gay brethren have a new target: Ireland.

According the Westboro Baptist’s daddy, God Hates Ireland. Why? Because they accept gay people, naturally. And, what’s worse, have laws against inciting hateful violence. Those heathens! From GHI:

We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Cor. 2:11). “Then said they, Come, and let us devise devices – (contrivances, plots) – against Jeremiah.” Jer. 18:18. It begins to look like the fags and fag-enablers of the Literary & Historical Society of the University College Dublin have devised devices against me – phrased another way – they have contrived a plot – or conspiracy – to lure me to Dublin, Ireland, to speak at their 153rd Session on the subject of “Gay Adoption” – and then to arrest me for the crime of violating their law entitled, The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act. That Act is a draconian, antichristic cup of Satan’s slimy vomit straight from the maw of Hell. They know exactly what I will say on the subject of Gay Adoption. And they know that what I will say from the Bible about sodomites will land me in an Irish jail for two and maybe 10 years…

Fred Phelps sure has lost his touch. “Satan’s slimy vomit straight from the maw of Hell”? That’s nothing compared to how he described Swedes: “[They’re] drippings from the Devil’s own penis – a veritable sperm bank for Satan’s queers.”