Hey Nerds, Here’s Your Queer San Diego Comic-Con Itinerary.

Memories of last year’s witty, geeky San Diego Comic-Con counter-protest against The Westboro Baptist Church still fresh in your heart? If you weren’t there, you can get a taste of what went down in the above video and even more tastes here. Then you’re probably already planning your annual visit to San Diego on Thursday, July 21.

The LGBT presence at Comic-Con grows larger every year, currently filling every day with gay artist’s signings, gay-themed panels and events. And the tireless nerds at Prism Comics have just released the schedule—it’s so packed with names and activities that listing them all here would take until the end of the Con.

In fact, the number of new LGBT comics debuting at Comic-Con alone is impressive: The Power Within from Northwest Press, Brian Andersen’s Friend of Dorothy #2 and Adam Fair’s This Gay Existence #3, Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf #3 in regular and special editions, Michael Troy’s Going Gaga!, Megan Gedris’s YU+ME: dream books 5 & 6, Tab Kimpton’s Khaos Komix Book 2, Mike Schmidt’s Material Girl, and Jeff Krell’s Jayson Comics #1 – Convention Exclusive.

So here’s the link to everything. You’ll want to print it out.

PS. Pack a lunch; that school-lunch pizza they sell at the Convention Center gets old really quickly. Also, Voldemort cloak or no Voldemort cloak, wear comfortable shoes.