A Friendly Activist's Friendly Reminder

Hey, Newlyweds, Don’t Forget About AIDS!

The great marriage debate dominated the gay forum. And, beyond that forum, nuptial-centric politics top the list of most talked about gay “issues”.

While it’s all well and good to fight for equal rights, National Black Justice Coalition’s H. Alexander Robinson reminds readers that we still have some pretty big fish to fry:

A naive viewer would have been left with the impression that marriage equality was the defining issue for LGBT America. While marriage is clearly a major civil rights priority for our community and I dare say the nation, it is hardly the only issue and should not in my view define our movement.

Have we given up on the idea of ending AIDS?

Despite the community’s best efforts, the HIV pandemic continues unabated both here at home in the United States and internationally. In 2006, more than 39 million people were living with HIV worldwide. Over four million people became newly infected with HIV and an estimated 2.8 million lost their lives to AIDS.

A real legacy, he says, would involve less wedding bells and more beakers.

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