Separate But Equal

Hey Obama: Which Water Fountain Should Gays Use?


We’re tired. Tired of the Obama administration backpedaling on promises it made to the gay community. Tired of pointing out the many ways the president is failing on equal rights. Tired of showing how Barack is not our buddy when we need him the most. After reneging on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, with President Obama passing on the opportunity to even halt current investigations while he pretends to get Congress to act, his administration now finds itself being confronted with another very accurate reality: Barack Obama is an advocate of separate but equal policies.

You folks are smart people. We don’t need to explain what these words — exchanged between ABC News’ Jake Tapper (who’s been hounding the administration on gay issues) and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs — mean. From yesterday’s presser:

JAKE TAPPER: Okay. And the second question on a completely different topic — the President opposes same-sex marriage, but he supports giving same-sex couples the same rights as married people.

ROBERT GIBBS: And benefits.

JAKE TAPPER: Same rights and benefits. What’s your response to critics of his policy who say this is exactly separate but equal?

ROBERT GIBBS: Well, I would point you to the any number of times that he was asked this during the campaign and addressed it.

JAKE TAPPER: I don’t think he was ever asked is this separate but equal.

ROBERT GIBBS: No. In fact, it was asked on multiple occasions, and I can pull you something on that. It’s the President’s belief — he strongly supports civil unions, and supports ensuring that they have access to the rights and benefits, such as hospital visitation and things like that, that are enjoyed by others.