Hey Radical Queers In DC And Seattle… Queerty Wants To Talk

This week, we condemned the riotous actions of a radical queer group in Washington DC and covered the post-pride destruction by another group in Seattle.

But while we disagreed with their methods—the property damage undoubtedly upstaged their words—we don’t entirely feel like we gave them a fair shake. Truth is, we actually agreed with some of what they had to say and we bet some of our readers did too.

A fair number of the LGBT community think that the HRC does too little with its millions. An equal number may think “It Gets Better” has done all it can.

Some of us aren’t “interested in enlisting in the military to kill, be killed, or both, for US imperialism.” A bunch of us agree that the American prison and medical systems help kill queers especially those of color. Many of us don’t want the face of “queer history erased to promote whitewashed, upper-class causes.”

Our community even has people willing to use confrontation and disobedience to wake up the government, corporations, and LGBT community itself—but not all of us agree that spray-painting American Apparel stores and paint bombing an HRC outlet are the most effective means.

So members of the Puget Sound Anarchists’ Queers Fucking Queers and DC’s Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ Traveling, Drinking and Debating Society and Men’s Auxiliary, please hear this. We wanna talk.

If you’re interested please drop us a line at [email protected] Our communications can stay anonymous or off-the-record, we just wanna open a line of dialogue to discuss ideas that too often get shot down in “polite” company.

And in case you’re worried we’re too mainstream or nicey-nice to take risks, know this: several of our articles have pissed of our own readership and been used by our anti-queer enemies.

We are not afraid of engagement.