Hey Stellaaaa! I’m Gay!


Like everyone else, we found it strangely ironic that the man who gave Stella her groove back turned out to be a big old flaming queen. Yesterday Oprah snagged author/duped wife Terry McMillan and gay ex-hubby, Jonathon Plummer for their first sit-down since the two of them went the way of Brad and Jen.

Plummer, obviously embracing his newly found queerness, appeared to have arrived straight from a shopping spree at Express Men. And that Bart Simpson hair has got to go.

“I believe,” yapped McMillan on national TV, “that you’ve known all your life that you had feelings towards men.”

With so much lying and betrayal we were hoping for some drama. A Ricky Lake eye gouging, even some Jerry Springer chair-tossing. What we got instead was nothing but negligible acceptance tagged onto the thin veil of PR forgiveness.

Our favorite quote came from McMillan herself who insisted their romance was based on true love in the beginning; “I think Jonathon did love me. You can’t fake this.”

Terry, we hate to break it to you but it looks like he did.