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Hi Carrie! Hi Maggie! Guess Who’s Hanging From That LA Rooftop?


Once upon a time, Los Angeles housemates ChadMichael Morrisette and Mito Aviles hung, with a noose, an effigy of Sarah Palin. From their roof. The local media went wild, then it hit YouTube, and you know how that goes. Except “once upon a time” was last year. So how are ChadMichael and Mito celebrating Halloween 2009? By indoctrinating America’s favorite bigots Carrie Prejean and Maggie Gallagher into their roof adornments.

Not surprisingly, both fellas work in the window display business. Which is why slinging up Maggie, with “liar” written across her naked body, comes so easy. And that bloody Carrie Prejean? A bit gruesome, sure, but you must admire their tenacity.

(Earlier this year, the duo created a roof display in reaction to Prop 8 passing: “Fuck That!”)

Explains Eater, which snapped the pics:

More about what’s on the roof this year, according to the pair, who work in the window display business: As noted, there’s a mannequin with a photo of Gallager, President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, an organization that opposes gay marriage. She’s also has the word liar written on her stomach. “The reason that she is naked is that we are exposing her lies,” says Morrissette, who calls her a hypocrite for statements he says that she made about educating children about gay marriage.

Glinda, the good witch, is also on the roof, standing next to a Mormon missionary (he’s stuck in a chimney and on fire). Glinda is there to counteract all the evil of the rest of the characters….including Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA 2009 contestant. She’s the gal who said she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman–and she’s shown chopped in half and bloodied.

Prejean is a “victim of Gallagher’s,” according to Morrissette, because he says her image has been used by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. Still, Morrissette said he “doesn’t know how entrenched” Prejean is with Gallagher’s group.

Here are the duo, showing off their new public display:


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  • Gary

    Oh great. The next NOMblast practically writes itself.

  • TVontheFritz

    Thanks gays, for showing that we’re still misogynistic doods at heart.

  • Lex

    Gotta love the nonchalant usage of a noose on top of the ignorant display.

  • Alleyne

    Nothing laudable here at all. Problematic on at least three different levels.

  • amazingpenis

    Morissette? Alanis has a brother called Chad. Any relation?

  • HeeHaw

    They should hang that jungle bunnied porch monkey Banton. Now THAT would be funny!

  • InExile

    Only in West Hollywood! Love this! What better way to bring attention to bigoted, hateful witches?

  • ...

    That censor bar was totally necessary.

  • AlanInUtah

    @ No. 8:

    I totally agree.

    @ everyone else:

    Calm down. Its not the worst thing people could do to show their disgust for other peoples public display of stupidity in ignorance. I think its pretty clever. Besides its in the spirit of Halloween to be a little bit evil, is it not?

  • Lex

    @HeeHaw, ignorant children like yourself are a major reason why I have a hard time caring about gay issues over black issues. Way to do yourself a dis-service, jackass. You’ll learn to stop shooting yourself in the foot at some point or continue wondering why you’re so far behind in civil rights than black people and whining about it.

  • YellowRanger

    Calm down, people. It’s hilarious.

  • The Swimmer

    I think hanging Fat Maggie and Tit Job Prejean in effigy is a far cry from rallying millions of Evangelical Nazi Christians to lead the movement to see gays eliminated. That is of course what they are both doing.

  • misterzeldazonk

    @no.9 &no.11
    it is hilarious and clever! and takes some balls that non of us have, unless you have a 3 dimensional satirical display or your house? I love Halloween….

  • naprem

    I admire the sentiment, but I refuse to accept ChadMichael (all one word) as a name.

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