High-Ranking British Spy Outed By Wife For Having Sexual Affairs With Men


Hell hath no fury like a military wife scorned.

The spouse of a high-ranking British spy is pissed after learning her husband has been sneaking around with other men behind her back.

“When I found out what he had been doing my world fell apart,” the woman testified before a military divorce court last week.

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The husband, whose name has not been released, is an intelligence officer in a British Army unit that targets al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). According to his wife, she learned of his infidelities when she discovered gay porn and links to gay dating sites on his phone. When she confronted him about it, he admitted to having casual sex with guys he had met near the headquarters of MI6 in south London, where he was stationed.

Now, the woman wants a divorce. But not just that. She also wants her husband fired from his job, arguing that his extracurricular activities have broken his security clearance by putting him “at risk of blackmail” by other agents.

“I found out what my husband was doing very easily,” she testified. “Imagine what trained people could do with this information.”

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The husband is said to be considered a “higher trained intelligence office” with several years of experience working with both “willing and unwilling subjects.”

Because of his status within the Army, his wife also testified that she feels her concerns are not being taken seriously, saying that when she first reported her husband’s behavior to his employers, no one seemed to care.

“I find it very odd that they haven’t asked me for any information,” she said, adding that she feels she has been treated very “unfairly.”

A spokesperson for the Army said it did not comment on individuals, but added that it takes “the welfare of its personnel extremely seriously and has provided appropriate support to the soldier and his family.”

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h/t: The Telegraph