High-Ranking Military Official Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Lesbian Soldier

Timothy-JonesWhen a story begins with a drunk text message from a high-ranking military official that reads, “Lol. I’m lying between two lesbians, what should I do?” it’s a safe bet that things aren’t going to end well.

Former Sergeant Major Timothy Jones of the British Army was at a barbecue in May of last year with a lesbian soldier and her partner, and things went from bad to worse to terrible.

Alcohol was flowing, and the three ended up asleep. The victim woke up to find that Jones had undressed her and was between her legs assaulting her.

He’s been sentenced to tw0 and half years in prison for the attack.

At the sentencing hearing, Assistant Judge Advocate General Alan Large said:

“The Army expects soldiers to drink alcohol appropriately and you failed to uphold those standards on the night of the offense.

We do not think you had sex on your mind when you went back to the room but as the sexual temperature rose that night and as you consumed more alcohol, to put it bluntly, you decided to try your luck.”

“Decided to try your luck” seems like a very understated way of referencing attempted rape, but judging by how many acts of sexual assault go unpunished in the military, thankfully justice was served at all this time.

In her statement the victim said:

“When the incident initially happened I thought about killing myself because I couldn’t cope. I was angry, upset, depressed, I couldn’t deal with it.”

Jones’ wife, Stacy, broke down in the courtroom upon the guilty verdict, screaming “You promised me you didn’t do it!”

Jones will also remain on the sex offenders list for the rest of his life.

H/t: Pink News

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  • georgesands

    This is way more impressive than the US military! In the US military they are raping their own and then dishonorably discharging them.
    And the US doesn’t even talk about all of the civilians the US military rapes!
    They go out and continue to rape even when they get out and then cry PTSD!
    The US military is the biggest group of rapist !

  • manjoguy

    @georgesands: Over-generalization there,georgessands. My grandfather was killed in WWII serving his country (as so many honorable men did) and he was not a rapist. Where would our country be without our military? We’d have been a communist country long ago (although that seems to be where we’re headed with our present commander-in-chief). How do you suggest we guard/defend our freedoms? Any institution is going to have corrupt, immoral individuals (just look at our Congress and executive branch, law enforcement, etc.). Sorry to disappoint any Utopians here, but the world isn’t perfect nor are some of the people who inhabit it.

  • jayj150

    Whoa, Queerty posting an article about violence against lesbians?!. That’s a shocker. One would think from reading their typical content that the only vulnerable group are transsexuals.

  • Cam


    Actually what they did was point out that the U.S. military has a problem with rape.

    They do, and multiple articles have exposed this. But it was a nice try attempting to deflect the topic and basically try the old “IF you disagree then you are an anti-American commie” line. How’s that working for you?

    You may want to look at the problems we have had in both Germany and Japan due to locals getting raped. Here is just a taste of what has happened, a little article about the military’s top sexual harassment prosecutor being charged with….you guessed it….


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