Hack defense

High-ranking politician attempts to explain the gay adult film on his Twitter profile

When news of the landslide “yes” victory for Australian same-sex marriage was announced Tuesday, the celebration started instantly.

While the national survey is non-binding, all signs indicate marriage equality will soon be the law of the land down under.

We get it — that’s a big step deserving of jubilation.

All across the continent, Australians opted to celebrate in different ways. Some danced, some cried tears of joy, one couple decided then and there to tie the knot, and on Twitter, one politician found some late-night gay viewing materials to enjoy.

At around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning, the Twitter account of Christopher Pyne, the Minister for Defence Industry, ‘liked’ a Cocky Boys adult video.

Sounds like a great way to mark the historic occasion to us!

Pyne insists there’s been some kind of mistake, however, falling back on the “I’ve been hacked!” defense.

Others have pointed out that if this was the case, it’d be a truly odd exercise in hacking to infiltrate a high-ranking official’s account merely to ‘like’ one post.

There are also some serious security issues if we’re sticking with the hacking story. ABC points out that, “As Defence Industry Minister, Mr. Pyne usually uses his Twitter account to discuss military hardware or sometimes to promote his media appearances.”