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High school football player and swimmer boyfriend share prom pics, melt hearts

It may be a bit late for prom season, but breaking stereotypes and celebrating love is as timeless as a well-tailored suit.

And all of that is on display (including not one but two well-tailored suits) in a set of high school prom photos shared by Jake Bain.

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Bain is a football player and graduating senior who was recently targeted by the ever-repugnant Westboro Baptist Church after he came out publicly as gay. The church planned a protest at Bain’s school, John Burroughs High School in Missouri, only to be thwarted by a counterprotest of students that far outnumbered the zealous bigots.

The extra attention couldn’t keep Bain and his boyfriend, swimmer and fellow senior Hunter Sigmund, from continuing to shine. Their photos have garnered thousands of likes on Instagram, and they’ve opened up to OutSports about the acceptance they’ve found at school despite being the only openly gay couple.

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“Prom this year was amazing,” said Sigmund.

“People treat us the same. It is nice to be able to go to prom with whoever you want and not have to worry about what other people might think,” added Bain.

Scroll down to see the adorable prom photo, plus more from this college-bound couple:

Prom 2k18 was one for the ages?

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Name a more iconic duo… I'll wait. Happy Pride?

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We clean up pretty well????

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