High School Footballer Arrested For Exposing Himself In Yearbook Already Has An Offer From Playgirl


A high school senior who got his whole school laughing for months after he exposed himself in a varsity football yearbook photo isn’t laughing now that police have charged him with 69 counts of indecent exposure and one count of furnishing harmful items to minors. Or perhaps he is since Playgirl has stepped in to make an offer.

OK, but really — 69? It couldn’t have been 68 or 70?

19-year-old Hunter Osborn of Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona, says a teammate dared him to flash the camera on picture day. His goal post was circulated for months in football game programs and the yearbook before the school realized what happened.

The school was understandably upset they’d been duped, but Osborn surely never thought the prank would land wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet under house arrest.

Students at the school were also surprised at the harsh reaction from law enforcement.

“When people told me about it I thought it was a big thing, but when I looked at it like you cant really tell, it’s kinda hard to see,” said student Zach Anthony.

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“At first, it was kind of like a joke, but then once we found out the consequences he has to face for this, we all feel really bad for him, and we don’t think it’s very fair,” said Brooke Bodrero, another student.

Osborn told Mesa police he is “disgusted by what he has done,” but we’re more disgusted by the immense overreaction to the — shock! — tiny bit of pixelated nudity.

Even as part of the school’s official statement admonishing the prank, they admit, “the small size of the photograph as published makes the details difficult to discern.” It’s not like there was a crotch closeup giving parents heart attacks.

The local Fox station that reported the story previews their post by warning readers in bold red letters: [WARNING: Graphic content]. A blurred-out photo of nothing is graphic? We’d hate to see the warning they’d give the Statue of David.

At least one organization is taking the incident in stride — Playgirl. The blog Naughty Gossip is reporting the magazine has already put in an offer to Osborn.

“We’re trying to reach this kid to get him in Playgirl. We want to support him as this was a hilarious prank, and people are too tightly wound. would like to have him pose naked and pay his legal bills,” a spokesperson said.

Osborn’s preliminary hearing is set for May 20.

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  • Bob LaBlah

    Meh. If the media aren’t going to show the “evidence” then why bother with the story. So far, not even a google search is revealing the “goods” to see if all the hype about the prank “adds” up.

  • Stache

    God this is so stupid. They don’t call them high school pranks for nothing. That’s just what kids do.

  • Spike

    And no one just happen to notice the only two players not standing shoulder to shoulder directly in front of him???? Pretty obvious that they were up to something.

  • Mack

    Just another dumb high school jock making a fool of himself. Shouldn’t be charged with anything. If they didn’t catch the picture before it was posted in the year book, then he should pay for the re-issuing of the books.Otherwise, it should be over. Indecent exposure is an over-reach.

  • Billy Budd

    Poor kid, a victim of puritanical America. If he lived in Brazil, people would have applauded.

  • Billy Budd

    Once during my high school years, we switched the VHS tape that out history professor would play for the class. Instead of playing History, he played hardcore porn for us, for nearly a minute. When he discovered, he went directly to the school director. The director laughed and said him to forget all that had happened. This is how we do things in Brazil. We are NOT puritanical.

  • Brian

    I would never expose a part of my anatomy in a group photo. It shows a lack of respect for those around you.

    And please don’t tell me this nonsense about Brazil not being puritanical. Brazil is sleazy. It lacks respect for sexuality. Prostitution is rife in Brazil. There are unhealthy attitudes to women which promote female prostitution.

    The carnival in Brazil is extremely sleazy and is infiltrated by female prostitutes who spread STD’s like wildfire.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @Billy Budd: I got to admit Billy, after watching the documentary by Ellen Paige about the gay community in Brazil, I don’t think you guys are that far behind the Americans when it comes to patriarchy and religiosity.

    @Brian: Brain honey, who has pissed you off recently? I’ve been noticing that your recent posts have been harsh lately.

  • Stache

    @Spike: Damn. Is that you or are you just trying to draw attention to comments? If so it’s working.

  • joeyty

    @Billy Budd: Well…IF Brazil isn’t puritanical (which I still associate with Protestants) it’s because it’s got more Catholics than any other country in the world…? (Correct me if I’m wrong).

  • bottom250

    what a weird society so fearful of nudity but praises violence

    • Mundo


  • Tobi

    It’s laughable that nudity is considered any form of sexual offence and shameful that young people are being prosecuted under laws that were designed to catch paedophiles.

  • Billy Budd

    I repeat, this should be a non-issue. I don’t see how they can punish this kid in this horrible way, for nothing. He did nothing. It was a silly joke with no consequences. Nudity is normal.

  • Tobi

    @Billy Budd: You’d be surprised, the law is being misused here in the UK, young people who are sexting each other are being charged with the creation and distribution of child pornography.

  • Chris

    No matter one’s take on this stunt, the response is overkill.

  • DuMaurier

    “When people told me about it I thought it was a big thing, but when I looked at it like you cant really tell, it’s kinda hard to see,” said student Zach Anthony.


  • jorgecruz

    I don’t know what his weiner looks like but those eyebrows are on fleek! Gurrllll see you in two more years when you can get in the bars.

  • tricky ricky

    when I was a kid we did things right, we went streaking wearing a Richard Nixon mask at an assembly.

  • CCBloom

    Please #freethepenis why are people so uncomfortable with a mans sexuality?

  • Ksb1978

    So he showed his junk. Big deal. He’s cute, but his mugshot,though. Like he’s saying “what I do?”

  • MrEguy

    This is old news. The charges have already been dropped… like his shorts, hopefully. I’d like to see all the goods on full display.

  • duke4172

    Has anyone seen the uncut unblurred photo?

    • nitejonboy

      How Do you know he’s uncut ? lol

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